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HearSay with Angela

By January 3, 2023Staff
HearSay with Angela

HS media coordinator Angela Fuhr knows a lot about coordination. She’s juggled her many interests for years. And those interests led her to a career in marketing, media and digital. HS sat down with Angela to learn a little more about her journey to here.

What did you study and what led you into your role in this business?

I majored in public relations with minors in marketing, digital & social media management, and a certificate in graphic design.

I always had a passion for English and writing throughout high school, but majoring in English never appealed to me… being graded for reading and analyzing endless books is not my idea of fun. I also had a side hobby of messing around on photoshop and running random Instagram fan accounts for my favorite books and artists.

So, when I googled “jobs for people that are good at English” and discovered marketing, I was smitten. There were so many different paths it could take me (creativity, analytics, writing, etc.). As an indecisive person, an indecisive career was perfect.

Although South Dakota State University didn’t have a marketing major, I stuck to a path that opened up many opportunities to a marketing career and learned additional skills (like public relations) that have helped me get to where I am today!

What are some keys to making digital content impactful and engaging?

I think timeliness and frequency are the most important factors in a successful campaign. Nobody wants to engage with something they cannot relate to. Much like working out, you cannot maintain success without a consistent schedule.

Visuals are also very important to digital content. Aesthetics are what build a brand’s image… color schemes, fonts, logos, etc. are important in developing a clear, consistent look audiences can resonate with.

How does your public relations education guide you in the decisions you make for our clients and their customers?

As a PR major, I often thought about end results… how will it be perceived by the public? That is a very important perspective for any position, but especially a position in digital marketing.

People often refer to social media today as a “cancel culture,” meaning, there are many reprimands for using incorrect or offensive language, terms and images. It is very important to understand the risks of certain topics and analyze how to approach or avoid them. It’s also important to understand how to best use social media for good.

Tell us about a few of your passions outside of work….

When I’m off work, I usually go to the Frontier Climbing gym or for a run.

During the summer and fall I participate in a sand volleyball league. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time with my friends going out to eat, having game nights, etc.

I’m also really into trying new things. This summer I started playing pickleball, which I was surprisingly good at and will now be learning tennis. I’m also going to attempt to snowboard this year, but I don’t think that will come as naturally.

As someone that’s had to travel a lot lately, share a few tips to make travel a bit easier…

Make sure you know the airline’s bag weight limit and how much your bag weighs if you’re bringing a checked bag. I’ve made that mistake. You can fit a lot into your personal item or backpack. Also, get headphones not earbuds. Make sure you download movies, books or songs before takeoff.

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