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Marketing pitfalls graphicMarketing

3.5 Common Pitfalls of Modern Marketing (and How to Address Them)

There are a number of marketing strategy questions we get asked about on a regular basis. As a leader in your organization, you may be experiencing some of these thoughts yourself. Below we've outlined 3.5 common issues organizations face, and offer some perspective from a Fractional CMO on how you might address them. 1. Viewing Marketing as a Cost Center vs. an Investment He was the sole proprietor and provider of services at an exciting new chiropractic clinic. With a tight budget, we discussed where and how he could begin making moves with his marketing without "throwing money out the…
August 16, 2022
Running a Successful Recruiting Campaign for Fujifilm Through Traditional MediaCase Studies

Running a Successful Recruiting Campaign for Fujifilm Through Traditional Media

Recruiting new talent as a business, especially during busy holiday seasons, has become one of the most difficult challenges to overcome as an organization. There are many tactics you can employ to market to potential applicants, but above all, you need a solid strategy and a team who will work to find you the best advertising avenues that actually work. When Fujifilm came to HS to recruit team members for one of their work centers, they were looking to get results–and we were able to exceed their hiring goals with the right mix of traditional media. Our efforts resulted in…
July 21, 2022
hearsay with ReidStaff

HearSay with Reid

If you have ever met Reid Vander Veen, you’re probably familiar with his versatility and wide range of marketing skills. He’s led multiple teams in a wide range of industries, and as our chief marketing officer, he gets to help lead our team and our clients towards their marketing goals. Since he’s one of the newer personalities around the office, we wanted to ask him about his previous experiences and see how that applies to what he does at HS. Why were you drawn to work for HS? With HS, I love that I get to apply what I’ve learned…
June 8, 2022
An Introduction to Working with a Fractional CMOMarketing

An Introduction to Working with a Fractional CMO

John Wanamaker is often credited with the saying, "Half of my marketing budget is wasted, the trouble is, I don't know which half." That was over 100 years ago, and the good news is we've come a long way since then thanks to modern tools and technology. The bad news is, for leaders of many small and medium-sized businesses, while you're focused on running the operations of your business, your marketing efforts can remain a bit of a guessing game. The Difficulty of Adapting to Marketing Changes The world of marketing changes rapidly. Between the launch of new social channels,…
June 2, 2022
Melissa DoyleStaff

HearSay with Melissa

Melissa is our go-to expert for anything web design. Since the early days of the Internet, she’s created hundreds of websites for businesses and organizations around the world. Every website build comes with a new set of challenges, and nothing excites Melissa more than getting to start on a new project. To learn more about how she creates websites, we asked her a few questions: How do you help clients get more business? If you have a good product or service, your website is just a tool to get more business. Treat your website like it’s your top salesperson–it’s warm/welcoming,…
May 16, 2022
HS building lit up with Bat Out of Hell TributePress Releases


LOCAL FIRM NAMED ADVERTISING AGENCY FOR THE PRODUCTION HenkinSchultz, a Sioux Falls based marketing and advertising firm has been named the marketing agency for "Bat Out of Hell – The Musical” to debut at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino this fall and return to London’s West End in 2023. HenkinSchultz will be responsible for the messaging, advertising, digital and traditional media, design and non-traditional marketing for the show. To commemorate the announcement, HenkinSchultz will be illuminating their building hellish red and adding special “Bat Out of Hell” window signage at their location just off 69th and Western. "This is…
May 10, 2022
Staying Relevant: How to Make a Press Release NewsworthyPublic Relations

Staying Relevant: How to Make a Press Release Newsworthy

You’ve heard us talk a lot about building your brand and telling your story. It’s something every organization needs to do well, and a great way to put this in action is by distributing a newsworthy press release. Many businesses and nonprofits misunderstand the value of a good press release and what exactly makes it newsworthy for a publication. Here, HS will guide you through the key principles we follow when creating and distributing press releases. The Importance of Newsworthiness in PR Press releases can be some of the most effective executions of storytelling. As earned pieces of media, they…
April 13, 2022
joey schultzStaff

HearSay with Joey

Joey is an expert in all things video and motion graphics. When a client comes to HS looking to make an impact on a visual platform, it’s up to Joey to bring their vision to life and exceed their expectations. But how exactly does Joey work on visual storytelling, and what is his creative process like? To find out, we asked him a few questions to dig deeper into all things video. What is a day in the life of Joey Schultz like? Snooze bar. Snooze bar. Snooze bar. Get dressed. Go to the office. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Get to…
April 5, 2022
Marketing for Startups: Reaching Your Target Audience with an AgencyMarketing

Marketing for Startups: Reaching Your Target Audience with an Agency

A key to a successful startup marketing strategy is to ride your momentum and reach people through the right medium to drive conversions. That’s no secret. But, rather obviously, it’s not that easy. People’s attitudes, beliefs, habits and opinions are constantly changing–the way they engage with brands switches overnight. Plus, you may not even know who your target audience is yet. What you need is someone who will walk alongside you and be your guide for all things marketing. HS is more than a group of order takers. We are true partners dedicated to helping startups reach new heights with…
March 18, 2022
HearSay with AvaStaff

HearSay with Ava

Ava’s creativity and design talent elevates results for our clients, and her can-do attitude is wonderful to have around the HenkinSchultz office. We wanted to know more about how she approaches graphic design as a profession, so we decided to ask her a few questions related to her experience. What do you get to do in your role as a Graphic Designer? I work on a wide variety of designs, from print posters to digital ads, to logos and establishing a look and feel for a brand. It’s always rewarding when I spot a piece of my design out in…
March 2, 2022