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Make Your Mark with Logo Design

By December 22, 2022Design
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Some of the most iconic logos are recognized around the world. That’s not by accident. Your logo is often the most public-facing part of your business. It reflects your brand, or—in the simplest terms—your personality.

A Reflection of Your Business and Personality

In many cases, businesses exist and operate successfully without a lot of thought or intention put into their logo or the graphic design elements of their name. However, most businesses need to be seen and recognized by new customers and prospects. And that’s where a logo can prove quite important.

Because you know your business, your origin and your intention, you can likely give a great elevator pitch on what you do. Think of your logo in the same way. It is an even shorter elevator pitch. The design of your name and its accompanying mark or design elements should tell a short story, even if that story is just an introduction. For example:

  • Look closely and the Tostitos’ logo shows a couple people sharing chips and salsa.
  • The E and the x in FedEx reveal a forward arrow in the ‘negative space’ of the design.
  • Most of us see Google every day and its unique variations that reflect the news, events or history of the day.

In the end, your logo is really just that – a reflection of who you are and what you do. It typically cannot tell your whole story, but it can make a great introduction.

Where to Begin When it Comes to a Logo

HenkinSchultz designers are great at having the discussions needed to determine your logo or design.

If you are a new business or entity, you may be starting from scratch, or more likely, have an idea you’d like to convey with your design. If you are an existing business, it’s possible you are looking for a refresh or update that reflects your history and takes on a modern twist.

Discussing this with an HS designer is a great place to start. They will help you consider all the factors such as:

  • Color
  • Font
  • Mark or additional design elements
  • Usage and applications
  • Vertical and horizontal variations
  • And more!

Good Design Supports Good Business 

You might have noticed our HS team takes design very seriously. That’s because we know the businesses and individuals we help will likely be using what we create for years to come. Designing your logo is an important decision, but it should be fun, too.

If you’re in the market for logo design or a logo refresh, talk to HS today.

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