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HearSay with Mel Schulte

By December 22, 2022Staff
mel schulte

It’s not every day we get a chance to sit down and talk with Media Specialist Mel Schulte. In fact, it’s quite rare. That’s because Mel has one of the busiest responsibilities in the agency: managing media and keeping up on all the latest platforms and opportunities. She took a break from her massive spreadsheet collection to share a few thoughts with us.

How actively does one have to keep up on all the media/platform advertising options out there?

I am constantly looking for new media options. There are always new trends, platforms and opportunities presenting themselves. However, it’s not about how many there are, it’s more about finding the right opportunity for the right client.

Regardless of platform/media, what is something about media strategy that remains constant or universal?

Know your audience.

The more you know about the audience you are trying to reach, the more effective your media placement will be. Are you trying to reach a rancher in Nebraska looking for the local high school basketball’s game? Or a parent of young children who spends a lot of time on social media? There are different tactics we can use to reach those audiences. You want to be sure to get your message in front of your target audience.

And finally, as a lover of the SDSU Jackrabbits, what are the essentials to pulling off a successful tailgate?


Some may show up with a cooler and a bag of chips picked up at the convenience store, but to take a tailgate to the next level you need a plan. Make sure you have an advanced team to handle setup. Pick a theme for the menu. Identify who’s responsible for drinks? Food? Games?

Plan ahead so that during your tailgate you can actually relax and have fun with your friends. And, don’t forget the extra bag of ice!

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