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Better Storytelling Through Video Production

By December 1, 2022Video
Better Storytelling Through Video Production

We all know someone who can tell a good story – over the holidays, over happy hour or during a sales pitch or public event. Well produced video production can help people, businesses and organizations tell stories, too. And thanks to technology, we can tell them to more people than ever before.

A Great Video Supplements the Personal Touch

In 2022 and beyond, things will continue to change quickly. That means better video technology, new media and new opportunities. What doesn’t change, however, is the need to connect with people.

True, our means of connecting may prove very different than years previous, and may be very different in years ahead. However, one thing remains the same, the need to connect with a meaningful message and tell as many people as possible who are willing to listen.

So while technology allows us to talk to people virtually around the globe, and video tools allow us to create and share, both of these truths still require great storytelling. Any good video that represents your company, organization or vision is anchored in a good story. HS helps bring that out.

The Basis of a Video Story – and How it Helps Sell

We already know the amount of time most of us spend on electronic devices and video platforms daily. While that may seem cluttered and impersonal, it’s actually an opportunity. What if your company is focused on the best story instead of just the most views? (PS, we’re not dissing views, either)

Video adds an engaging and emotional element that is hard to match. Yes, most people will politely listen to an elevator speech or business pitch or appeal, but hit play on a video – and there’s something that clicks with people to pay attention.

So, the question becomes, “What shall we ask them to pay attention to?”

Creating Compelling Video

If you create a video for any social media platform, your own website, or for television or a live event, here are a few tips to help you tell the most compelling story:

  • People can find your date of origin, number of employees and location easily. Don’t focus on that. Give them a reason to be personally engaged.
  • Tell your origin story and get personal about “why” you started your business.
  • Find people who can articulate that story well or trust your producer, video editor or writer to best tell that story for you.
  • Choose visuals, graphics or live video clips that best articulate the emotion behind your product or service.

We all have the ability to capture video these days, but it takes an intentional and experienced videographer and director to capture video that moves people.

Where Do I Start?

HenkinSchultz often consults companies on how to best capture their own smartphone video and digital media content. These are great supplemental ways to capture your business in action. But how do you best capture your business’s intention? That often starts with a conversation:

  • What story are you trying to tell? What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How can we best capture that story through graphic explanation or human interactions?
  • How can we best tell the heart and soul of what you do and make it as available to the masses as possible?

These conversations are what HS video and creative team do best: Help to harvest what you hope to achieve, suggest a creative direction, and assist with how to best deliver it.

Intrigued by our story? Contact us to learn more.

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