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HearSay with Lynell

By October 24, 2022November 2nd, 2022Staff
HearSay with Lynell

As HS celebrates 31 years in business, we thought it was time to talk to our Creative Director Lynell Weeg who has been creating inspiration with us for most of our three plus decades.

After years in design, what is the part about creating that still excites you today?

I really enjoy listening to a client’s objective, taking what’s rolling around in their head, and creating something that uniquely represents that vision and ultimately achieves their goals. I find that the most challenging, fun and rewarding. I love the mix of structure and parameters, with design and creativity in communication art.

You’ve been a mentor to many team members, what are one or two things you always remind or encourage in new designers?

Form follows function. That to me is the biggest difference between fine art and commercial art. Fine art can look cool just to look cool – with little need for explanation or reason. I love that! But it’s not what our clients hire us for.

As commercial artists, we still need to create cool stuff, but it must accomplish a specific purpose, resonate with a specific audience, and communicate a specific message. I encourage designers to always be able to explain the thoughts and reasoning behind their designs. That is our biggest value to our clients.

Also, as a designer and creative thinker, it’s easy to look at a blank artboard or document and kind of freeze up, not knowing where to begin. I always suggest they research ideas, find inspiration from a few of your favorite artists, and spend ample time thinking about the purpose, audience and message of your design.

But after that, you just have to dive in, start putting pen to paper or mouse to page and go for it. Collaboration with fellow creatives is always great as well. We all need that no matter how long we’ve been in the business.

Besides designing ads and materials, what other tasks in your role do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy collaborating with the designers and brainstorming with other creative thinkers. I enjoy seeing good ideas become great because of what a team can bring to the table.

I also love the interesting conversations and great relationships built through our fun, witty agency environment–both internally with co-workers, and also with our diverse and awesome clients.

What are your creative passions outside the office?

I love nature, sunrises, sunsets, the colors of the seasons, landscapes and walking or running around out there in them. Nature is to me one of the greatest creative inspirations.

I also love listening to music–another amazingly creative field. I am not a great musician myself, but I so appreciate the creativity that goes into song lyrics, melodies and harmonies. It’s such a gift.

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