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HenkinSchultz Celebrates New Year, Turns 31

By September 30, 2022Marketing, Press Releases
HenkinSchultz Celebrates New Year, Turns 31

As the calendar says we’re in the latter part of 2022 and the beginning of the school year, HenkinSchultz is actually celebrating the new year. That’s because on Friday, Sept. 30, HS celebrates 31 years in business.

What Does it Mean to Be 31?

As we reflect on being 31, we thought it might be fun to look back at a few famous 31s through the years.

Mike Piazza, one of the greatest catcher hitters in baseball wore number 31. Sylvester Stallone was 31 when “Rocky” won the Oscar for Best Picture. And John Dillinger, whose gang famously robbed Security National Bank in Sioux Falls, came to his untimely end at age 31.

Fortunately, at age 31, HS is alive and kicking. With that experience, comes wisdom and also a lot of resiliency, so says Founder Kirby Schultz.

“You see the tools of advertising change through the years, the technology, the platforms and the new media and social opportunities,” says Schultz. “But at the end of the day, advertising is still about the ‘why’ of what we do, not how we do it.”

Schultz stresses that every year is a new year and the HS team must approach each year as such.

“With every client interaction, new trend or old trick, there is an opportunity to create work that matters and really improve businesses and how they serve their customers.”

And for HS, that’s cause to celebrate.

Nobody Throws a Party Quite Like HS

Whether it’s our famed Olympic Games, the World’s Shortest St. Patty’s Day Parade or Creative Director Lynell Weeg’s famous parody songs serenading our leadership, no one throws a party quite like HS.

Friday, Sept. 30, HS is inviting clients and friends to join in the fun and celebrate a new year at HS. There shall be drinks, party favors, hats and other New Year themed merriments.

Join us as we celebrate!

6201 S. Pinnacle Place

4 – 6 pm

But most importantly, it will be another opportunity to connect, reflect and celebrate the work we are privileged to do and will continue to do for the next 31.

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