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HearSay with Jason

By September 30, 2022Staff
HearSay with Jason

When it comes to a “can do” attitude, no one epitomizes that more than HenkinSchultz’s Jason Jellis. As a partner at HS, he not only helps guide the ship, he builds it, delivers it and reinvents it.

As HS celebrates 31 years in business, we sat down with Jason to hear his thoughts on the past three decades and grand visions looking ahead.

What are some of your most memorable projects?

I have been fortunate enough to work on so many great projects at HS. Using my experience in wide format printing, I get the opportunity to tackle some really grand projects.

Whether it’s building corporate event stage backdrops, art installations in Las Vegas, or a 30-foot-tall birthday cake on the front of our building, every project is an adventure and I always look forward to the next one.

Tell us about the importance of problem solving.

We are all problem solvers at HS. Every person has a unique set of skills that provides solutions to our clients. That’s just what we do. We find new ways to creatively approach each challenge and project. My mantra is, “If you don’t try to do something, you will never do anything.”

What brings you joy in your day to day responsibilities?

The biggest joy that keeps me going is the entire design, printing and installation process. I love tackling the big picture and meeting with a client about whatever project or problem they have-  and then digging into a solution.

Working back and forth with a client until something is done just right, then stepping back to look at a finished product is very rewarding. To look back and say, “We did that!” is a great feeling.

Reflecting back upon 20 years at HS and 31 as a company

While Jason is always one of the busiest people inside and outside of the office, his workload never hinders him from being positive.

“One thing that has stayed the same is the great people we get to work with everyday,” says Jellis. “It’s just good to work with good people.”

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