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Becka Burger Named HS President, Looks Forward to Years Ahead

By September 30, 2022Staff
Becka Burger Named HS President

As HS celebrates its 31st year in business, it’s been quite a year for Becka Burger, the agency’s director of client services and partner.

In addition to leading the HS team to substantial nationwide client growth this past year, she helped usher in a growing marketing and digital team, and was recently named president of HenkinSchultz.

Founder Kirby Schultz takes the role of chief executive officer. The executive team is rounded out by partners Jason Jellis and Joey Schultz, who lead the HS Sign Shop and video production departments, respectively.

Titles Have Never Been As Important as Talent

Although Becka has worked her way up the ranks in her 20-plus years with HS, she is quick to point out that title is nowhere nearly as important as talent.

“So much of what we do as a team is all hands on deck,” said Burger. “We always empower any member of HS to do what it takes to get things done for our clients and their customers.”

That “talent first” philosophy has played out as HS has evolved and grown. As a rule, Burger and her team continue to interview and attract new talent, regardless of whatever positions may be open.

“We always need to be on the lookout for the best, in order to thrive and grow.”

The Lookout for Becka Burger

So what is Burger on the lookout for next? In addition to hanging out with her cherished dog Blue and spending time with her two favorite boys–her husband, Ryan, and son, Bronx–Burger is excited for the changes and challenges ahead.

“We’re in a business that changes daily and that’s really fun,” says Burger. “Whether a title is Intern or President, you can bet the HS team is going to change and grow with you for the next 31 years.”

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