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New Business Messaging and Why It’s Important to Tell Your Story

By February 23, 2022Branding
New business messaging and why it’s important to tell your story

New Business Launches and the Power of Telling Your Story

HS has helped a lot of new businesses name, brand, launch and relaunch. This often includes logos, business cards, signage and other materials. But as a new business, it’s also important to consider the power of your story, too.

Storytelling is an art form as old as man. It can be quite effective in your branding, advertising and sales, but also your everyday conversations with customers and prospects.

It’s not uncommon for any business owner to be “too close” to their business and consequently struggle with telling their story. That’s where HS can help.

The Process of Discovery

Everyone wants to be successful in business. And everyone wants to help customers. So, what makes your story special? How can it become your competitive advantage?

HS encourages you to consider asking yourself these questions:

  • When did you first take an interest in (WHAT YOU DO)?
  • What hurdles did you encounter?
  • Who or what inspired you along the way?
  • How do these things guide you in your day to day?

HS regularly conducts discovery sessions with our new clients to determine objectives, perceptions, obstacles and audiences. We’ll ask questions like the ones above. All of this helps craft your messaging and story.

Making Your Story a Powerful Sales Tool

Through the process of discovery, your story starts to come into view. And that can really help you with your advertising or sales messaging.

Imagine you’re a private charter pilot with a small fleet of planes. Your story may look a little something like this.

“My brother and I always had paper airplane flying contests.”

“If it was too windy outside, we’d move the furniture and fly them inside.”

“We always kept trying different designs, papers and sizes.”

All of this storytelling history starts to bring a message into view.

“I’ve never forgotten that flying should be a fun experience. And it’s good to have competition that pushes you to be better.”

When you can hone in that type of messaging and passion, you not only have a great angle for your advertising, videos and other marketing executions, you can use it elsewhere in:

  • Elevator speeches
  • Customer introductions
  • Media interviews
  • Speaking engagements

Putting Your Story to Work

So, you may be saying to yourself, “This story stuff is all great, but how does it help launch or relaunch my business?”

Your story–or your brand–guides every element of your business, from your customer interactions, to your presentation, to the people you hire. When you know your own personal story, you can better connect with others who want to hear it. You can better sell.

In a world of competition and countless options, don’t you want to be the personality that stands out?

Reach out to HS and we’ll help discover and tell your story.

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