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Passion, Focus, & Variety Push Becka Burger to New Heights

By January 24, 2022Staff
Becka Burger

It’s hard to imagine HS without Becka. She has been a part of our team for over 20 years and has helped the agency adapt and grow into what it is today.

From being a friendly and familiar face for clients, to planning the best parties ever, Becka’s worked her way up through the ranks at HS and credits her focus, passion, and love for variety as her keys to success.

A True Passion for Marketing and Business

Despite wearing a multitude of hats over the years and rapid changes in the Sioux Falls business climate, Becka’s fun personality has been a constant for HS.

Our clients have come to know her as someone who will give honest answers and recommendations. She thinks on the behalf of the client and will never back down from a challenge.

“Every challenge brings an opportunity to make something great,” said Becka. “Whether it’s budget constraints, lack of time or information. That’s when you really have to be creative.”

The drive she has to help others is contagious, and she’s always ready to rally the team together and elevate everyone else’s work to new heights.

“Attitude really is everything,” said Becka. “If you approach any challenge with enthusiasm it makes the work that much better. And sometimes you just have to put your head down and grind. The reward is when you see the outcome.”

Becka Burger

Focusing on Details and Results

Becka has never half-assed a project in her life–and that character defines her work ethic.

In all of her roles, from Project Coordinator to Partner and Director of Client Services, Becka has never lost her knack for meticulously pouring over details. Ever since her first day at HS, she’s always strived for more.

“When I started at HenkinSchultz, I was 22 years old and a new college graduate. I knew I wanted to work with clients and had a lot to learn, and it took some time to get to the point where I was off and running on my own,” said Becka. “I’m thankful for all the mentors I’ve had along the way.”

Her eagle-eyed attention to detail elevates all of the HS employees’ work, and allows her to spot the best opportunities for new marketing avenues and ad placements.

She especially has a love for onboarding new clients and taking a step back with existing ones to see where they are and where they want to go next.

“I approach every client and budget as if it were my business and my money. That’s the final gut check. I take a step back and ask myself… Would I spend my money on this? Will this work? Is this the best strategy to achieve their goals?”

Becka Burger

The Love of Variety in Marketing

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s what encourages Becka to come to work with a fresh energy everyday.

“That’s the crazy thing about this business. You’ll never have the same day twice,” Becka said. “Everything we create is unique for that client. There’s so much possibility and variety in what we do. And everyday we have the opportunity to do something better than we did the day before.”

Working at HS for as many years as she has, Becka’s seen a lot of changes: the expansion of the agency, the advent of digital media, and the rapid growth of the Sioux Falls area are just some of the developments she’s witnessed since 2000.

She’s even watched our square office building go from being located on a gravel road in a cornfield to being located in the center of the fastest growing portion of Sioux Falls.

“Sioux Falls is such an incredible city. There’s so much happening in the business community. I’m fortunate to have been blessed to work with so many incredibly talented people and businesses over the years–and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.”

Becka has always been beyond thrilled to be a part of HS, and there’s no secret that she’s excited to see what’s coming in 2022 and beyond.

Becka Burger

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