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Austin & Spencer: A Distinguished Digital Marketing Duo

By December 17, 2021Staff

Around HS, we are known for our micro teams and “work buddy” duos. Austin & Spencer serve as our youngest pair of digital marketing experts, complimenting each other’s skills and producing good times around the office.

Outside of work, they enjoy craft beer, board games, and cheering on the Jacks. Inside HS, they join forces to create dynamic digital strategies and content.


Two Jackrabbits Meet on the Prairie of Sioux Falls

Austin & Spencer both went to South Dakota State University at the same time, and while they somehow never managed to have a class together, they were drawn to the same area of marketing: digital.

Spencer has been with HS for over a year now, and Austin joined the crew back in June. Since they started working together, their chemistry has been undeniable as they put together effective digital marketing campaigns.

“Austin has a different skill set from me, and that’s what made me excited to bring him on board,” said Spencer. “I’m more of a creative thinker and big picture guy, while he likes to dive deep into data and find new ways to reach the right people on the right platform at the right time.”

Besides their affinity for creating digital, the duo brings other strengths, too: youth, energy, and the wisdom of a generation that grew up on devices in the digital age.


A Collaborative Effort 

Austin and Spencer have a lot in common, but it’s their differences that make their marketing stand out.

Spencer is perhaps best known for his SEO copywriting and social media campaigning skills, while Austin is a spreadsheet guru who knows how to find an audience, learn everything about it, and target it like none other.

“The amazing thing about my job is how I get to create something out of nothing,” said Austin. “Using thousands of rows of data, we can simplify it down into pieces of information that inform our decisions. It’s like a puzzle with a bunch of different solutions, but it’s up to us to find the best way to get there.”

In their time together, they’ve dominated campaigns on TikTok and Facebook, created engaging email campaigns, and come up with a wide variety of marketing plans for various clients.

“We never get tired of coming up with new ideas for clients,” said Spencer. “When they succeed, we succeed.”

From Coworkers to Brewery Buddies

Their relationship is not purely professional, as they like to have fun, too.

“We’re both big fans of craft beer, board games, and the Jackrabbits, and those things go together pretty well,” said Spencer. “We honestly get along great and that makes coming up with good ideas a lot easier.”

In the future, they look forward to expanding the agency’s digital offerings and planning even more collaborative campaigns.

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