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Navigating the Future of Facebook & Digital Marketing

By November 2, 2021Advertising
Ship at Sea - Navigating the Future of Facebook & Digital Marketing

In the wake of the latest Facebook fiascos and Apple’s big data tracking changes, now is a good time to take a step back as an organization and analyze your marketing mix, digital tactics, and overall communication strategy.

Being ready for any changes to online platforms and digital marketing as a whole is daunting, but as an agency who is always plugged-in to the latest trends and sure-footed tactics, HenkinSchultz is ready to help you navigate these sometimes treacherous waters.

Analyzing Your Marketing Mix

We hear these questions everyday…

“What social media platforms should I be on?”

“Should I keep advertising on Facebook?

“Where should I focus my marketing budget?”

…and in all honesty, the right answers are different for every client.

In order to identify what’s working and what’s not, you need to first determine your overall marketing goals. What are you trying to accomplish and gain from your marketing? What would be the ideal outcome?

With this in mind, you can look at the data and overall performance of your marketing to see if it has helped you reach your goals–and if it is still helping you.

For example, a local bakery may be having success with driving traffic to their local store through Facebook Ads, but after they lost the ability to track most users on iOS, they probably noticed a loss in income growth and foot traffic.

But does that mean they should stop those ads and switch completely to search? In many cases, the answer would be no. Instead, they should likely make campaign adjustments through their ad placement settings and reallocate some of their budget to other platforms.

The point we are making here is this: if you only use one avenue for your marketing, you could run into problems, especially when something changes or goes wrong.

Where You Should Make Adjustments

As of right now, we’re not jumping ship from Facebook (in fact, it’s still a really good advertising platform for many organizations) but we are looking at ways to better track and convert with our audiences across all platforms.

Some Facebook ad campaigns have done just fine with adjustments and new ad placement algorithms, while others have struggled to convert since losing the effectiveness of tracking their pixel, causing us to consider other systems and tactics.

Using CRMs, Google, display ads, third-party vendors, email marketing, and text messaging are just some of the ways to fill in the gaps left. But those, too, will change over time.

Even Google has announced cookies will be blocked by 2023. This reflects the fact that effective marketing plans are rarely set-in-stone, but rather ever changing landscapes.

In order to keep up, you have to be plugged in to the digital world and marketing as a whole, or have someone staying tuned-in for you. That’s why having an agency on-hand is the perfect way to create effective marketing campaigns.

Our digital team is constantly monitoring the evolution and changing requirements of social media platforms. At the end of the day, we know it’s about creating organic and authentic messaging that stands the test of time–no matter the platform.

Work with HS, and we’ll help you sail smoothly across social media.

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