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November 2021

Molly and CamStaff

Molly & Cameron: Collaborating to Create Commercial Art

At HenkinSchultz, our creative endeavors are made better when we work as a team. We bounce ideas off of each other, which produces unique and memorable work that helps our clients get the attention they need. For two of our designers, Molly Kreutzfeldt and Cameron Abbas, collaboration is a fun way to grow professionally, make impactful visual art, and create results for our clients. Learning from Each Other as a Team One thing that every designer can agree on is this: art is subjective. A color palette a designer likes could be the client’s least favorite and vice versa, which…
November 9, 2021
Ship at Sea - Navigating the Future of Facebook & Digital MarketingAdvertising

Navigating the Future of Facebook & Digital Marketing

In the wake of the latest Facebook fiascos and Apple’s big data tracking changes, now is a good time to take a step back as an organization and analyze your marketing mix, digital tactics, and overall communication strategy. Being ready for any changes to online platforms and digital marketing as a whole is daunting, but as an agency who is always plugged-in to the latest trends and sure-footed tactics, HenkinSchultz is ready to help you navigate these sometimes treacherous waters. Analyzing Your Marketing Mix We hear these questions everyday... “What social media platforms should I be on?” “Should I keep…
November 2, 2021