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Why Hire an Agency

By July 20, 2021July 28th, 2021Advertising
Why Hire an Agency

There are a lot of reasons to hire an advertising agency or marketing firm. But the truth is, when you do so, you are really enlisting a partner. And in choosing that partner, it’s best to understand why they are an asset to your business and what they can actually contribute.

Here we discuss the purpose of an agency, why to consider hiring us, and the benefits of big picture thinking.

I Have a Staff, So Why Do I Need You? 

In many cases, client prospects will say things like, “I have a staff, so why do I need you?”

This is a valid question.

Our job is not to replace a marketing person or your team, but rather help them best shine in their duties and better reach their customers. Most of our clients do have a marketing staff of some kind. It can be a small team or one person who is “Director of Marketing.”

Often a marketing staff or person are juggling multiple responsibilities, many that are related to marketing, but not directly facing their customers, like:

  • Internal communications
  • Getting company buy-in
  • Fundraising and event planning
  • Taking meetings with vendors and suppliers
  • Annual reports and other reporting

These are, of course, all important parts of the big picture. One of HS’s jobs is to think about the big picture for you. We take an unbiased approach to all the media channels at your disposal, not just sell you one. Our decisions are intended to best represent you to your customers.

This also liberates you and your team to do your job–while we think on your behalf. We are Crazy Obsessed about what it takes to move your customers to act. And that means, we not only want to be supportive in the responsibilities you have but be proactive about new opportunities.

So, what does that look like in practice? Here are some things we may ask:

  • Who are your current customers and ideal prospects?
  • What is stopping your audience from taking the action you want?
  • What do people believe about you as a company?
  • Where can we intersect what you want to say with what they need to hear?
  • How can we best help you with your internal responsibilities, help keep you on brand, and offer added value to your job?

When you think like this, as HS does, you become a complimentary partner, not just a vendor that’s hired. It’s a bit like several branches working together, all on the same tree.

Full Service Doesn’t Mean Out of Reach

A “full-service” agency is one with the capabilities of doing most any marketing task or function. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Research and Strategy
  • Design
  • Campaign Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Audio and Video Production
  • Digital and Traditional Media
  • Signage, Printing and Specialty Items
  • Event Planning, Production and more

Sometimes, when a prospect hears that we are full-service or “all under one roof,” there is hesitation because the concept sounds expensive. It’s great for a client to have access to our full team, but that doesn’t mean you’re paying some premium for “everything.” Not unlike choosing from a menu, you can use any or all of the services your company requires.

When working with HenkinSchultz, you will be paired with a single account executive. That person’s job is to work with you and really determine the scope of work that best meets your objectives. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach. An AE will work with you to help determine which of our services best work for you.

In addition to being your primary point of contact, the AE will help keep marketing tasks on-time and on-budget. Yes, HS wants to do everything we can to grow your customer base and business, but we want to do it responsibly.

And when it’s time to engage other team members into the mix, we have a variety of expertise at your disposal.

That Sounds Great, What Are the Other Benefits? 

So, we’ve talked a lot about the HS philosophy and a bit about how our agency works. But what exactly are the benefits of hiring an agency–or more specifically–our agency.

Experience – There are few problems or challenges that we haven’t seen.

Advocacy – We will constantly be thinking on your behalf, and how to best move your audience to act.

Efficiency – When your marketing functions are under one roof, it can actually save time and money.

Better Synergy – When the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing, it creates more powerful advertising and consistent strategy.

Support – HS doesn’t want to replace your team or position, we want to help you and your company shine.

Partnership – And if you do not have a marketing point person, we’re happy to serve that role for you as a partner and extension of your business.

Results – We work with you to establish Key Performance Indicators, analyze, report and adjust monthly to track our results.

So why hire HS? We think we’ve laid out a pretty good roadmap as to why. So, let’s talk more and we’ll gladly drive to you.

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