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Toby Kane and the Creative Process

By July 13, 2021Staff

Prolific writer and creative expert–Toby has been a part of nearly every big project that comes through the HS doors, and he never gets tired of diving deep into the story of clients.

In fact, Toby’s always been a creator, and he plans on being one for years to come.


Where a Story Teller Begins His Journey

Ever since he was a kid, Toby has been writing stories, drawing cartoons, and scripting plays. So naturally, for him, the world of communications, marketing, and advertising was an ideal career path.

Upon graduating from college, Toby held a wide variety of roles at different agencies, including media planner and account executive. Eventually, he would land on copywriting and creative strategy as his true passion.

“I always had an interest in copywriting,” Toby said. “It was really a natural progression, and now it’s something I want to do as long as I can.”

That drive eventually led him to HenkinSchultz, where he’s been generating content ever since.


Combining Brand Purpose with Art

While most copywriters would be content just coming up with taglines, campaign content, and brand names all day, Toby believes the discovery session before that is just as important.

“I obsess over the ‘why’ and try to find the sweet spot between what the client wants to say and what their audience wants to hear,” Toby said. “If we can find that, and say that in a clever and engaging way, that’s the best part of my day. I live to do that.”

Toby’s knack for data and strategy comes from his dual “left-brain/right-brain” personality, allowing him to look at the full picture and scope of a project, not just the details.

“Storytelling is really what we do, in some form or another,” Toby said. “When I get the opportunity to be in front of clients, present an idea, and feel the excitement in the room–that’s pretty fun.”

His creativity has not gone unnoticed, either. Clients like Showplace Cabinetry, Mount Marty University, Experience Sioux Falls, Warheads candy, Pfizer, and countless others have benefited from Toby’s work.


Creativity as a Way of Life

Toby’s creative endeavors extend to all aspects of his life, both in and outside of the HS offices.

Performing improv, recording music, and hiking trails are all towards the top of his long list of hobbies, and he is always learning something new.

“I’ve been learning the drums for the past few years, and I’m really big into my MasterClass right now,” Toby said. “I’m trying to perfect the perfect egg. I’m obsessed about breakfast and brunch food right now.”

And while they are simply for fun, Toby’s crazy obsessed lifestyle outside of HS ties back into his work as a creative strategist.

“My hobbies are combinations of math, logic, and creating something beautiful and impactful,” Toby said. “It works a lot like what I do here. Anyone working in creative strategy should aspire for that.”

Toby continues to inspire his coworkers and lead by example, and above all, he will never stop being curious.

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