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HS Olympics III

By July 29, 2021December 7th, 2021Community, Staff
HS 21 Olympics

Over the course of a few decades, HenkinSchultz has amassed plenty of fun, peculiar, and outright strange traditions. Perhaps one of our most elaborate ones is the HS Olympics, held every four years in the summer.

With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics kicking off this July, our staff went to work planning relays and scavenger hunts while perfecting our own unique country personas. What ensued was a great day of Olympic-themed events and staff bonding.

A Drive for Competition

The HS Olympics are built upon creativity, a competitive spirit and a fair amount of silliness. We allow our staff to design the games we will compete in and make an effort to encourage everyone to think outside the box.

For us, this is more than just a team-building exercise–it’s a longstanding tradition.

The Passing of the Torch

In the weeks leading up to our showdown, we embraced the spirit of competition and teamwork by the passing of our very own torch.

From desk to desk, in rain and in scorching heat, we pressed along every grueling step of the way.

Forming Dynamic Teams

After dividing our staff into random teams based on our colors, we went to work designing our national symbols, creating medals, and writing team introductions to use during the games.


Coming from a far away place, though we don’t exactly know where, Beckmeltobadonia is a country known for its fierce competitiveness and strange emoji culture.

(The Country Formerly Known as Purple)

Arriving by way of a “Lady Cab Driver” in a “Little Red Corvette”, they truly exemplify what it sounds like “When Doves Cry.” Don’t expect “Chaos and Disorder” from them, but rather, a “Purple Rain” revolution!


Simply put, Kirbtopia emulates all one could hope from the big man himself. While they may seem like a relaxed bunch of dudes, their friendly competitive spirit comes out, almost out of nowhere. After all, love, love, love is all you need.


This team is a bunch of bologna. They make great sandwiches, though.

Relishing in the Victory

While Kirbtopia may have won our overall first place prize during a rather confusing rock paper scissors tiebreaker (seriously, what does a “chop” mean? A chop is not a scissors or even a sanctioned option). Nonetheless, we all came away as winners–united as one big HS family.

In a summer following isolation and remote work, we continued to honor our work traditions by celebrating our talents and what makes us Crazy Obsessed.

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