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Rebuilding JOLLY TIME Pop Corn’s Website

By June 16, 2021Website Design
JOLLY TIME on tablet

JOLLY TIME Pop Corn looked to redo their website and reintroduce their international brand of popcorn products. They trusted us to do the job right.

A Collaboration of Design, Function and Development

The collaboration was truly a great one. JOLLY TIME’s team had the depth of experience in their product and history. Our designers came to the table with a fresh look to their brand and color palette, while our web developers revamped the online purchasing experience to make everything easier for consumers.

Amazon is a huge distributor for JOLLY TIME, so HS built in the Amazon purchasing widgets into every page. In addition, we made it easier for shoppers to find JOLLY TIME brands at their local store with an intuitive store locator.

HS worked on a number of other technical aspects of the website, too:

  • We helped navigate their assets to WordPress from their customized CMS
  • We helped aggregate products, recipes, nutrition facts, promotions and images
  • We built in conditional logic to best address and customer concerns

Finally, our digital specialists made sure the right SEO strategy was in place to drive traffic to their website by creating keyword-enhanced content and optimizing meta descriptions.

Extending the Brand, Extending the Happiness

Companies like JOLLY TIME trust HS for major projects like a website rebuild, but they also trust us to be thinking on their behalf.

They already were “The Official Snack of Happiness”, but HS wanted to take the concept further. One of the things we identified in our discovery is that popcorn is almost always a shared experience. So, we sought to extend that message to various popcorn customers:

  • The Official Snack of Movie Night
  • The Official Snack of Superheros
  • The Official Snack of Girl’s Night Out

We use their current positioning to further describe what happiness looks like, and target customers young and old.

We even helped JOLLY TIME with the creation of an online video telling the story of their company. They have a long and impactful history. And together, we’re forming an even brighter future.

Visit the JOLLY TIME website to explore our work, or give us a call to learn how we can help you with web design, digital marketing, or telling your story.

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