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Bringing Virtual Events and Live Production Together in a Harmonious Way

By May 18, 2021Events
Virtual Events & Live Production

Event planning is in our blood. For many years, we have put on all sorts of live events, from concerts to conferences.

With the emergence of virtual presentations and an increase in demand for online engagement, we found the key to producing a successful virtual event. You need to have the right processes–and the right team working side-by-side with you.

Preparing for a Live Virtual Event

Virtual events are a lot like in-person events–they require a lot of preparation.

We are event planners by nature. When working with a client, like the SDSU Foundation, we create nearly everything for the event, which often includes logos, invitations, social media, digital ads, video and copy.

By working with you directly and providing constant opportunities for feedback, we can identify what you want the production to look like. This allows us to not only deliver out fantastic results, but exceed your expectations.

Another important piece of the puzzle is having the right marketing strategies and materials leading up to the event. Without a solid plan, the event will not gain as much traction, especially in the virtual world.

As a full-service agency, we are able to use our team of writers, strategists and designers to create a unified voice for any event. We make sure your marketing efforts are where they need to be, and in front of the right audience.

Once the event is promoted and the (virtual) stage is set, our team gets right to work on producing a brilliant spectacle.

How Our Team Adapts to Production Problems

If you want a good analogy for an event production team, picture a jazz band. They have a song with a basic structure and order in place, and they have all of the arrangements laid out.

But once the performance starts, they have to be ready to adapt. Maybe the crowd is not a fan of the solos, or a string breaks on a guitar. Instead of drawing attention to the problem, the band leader improvises and creates a new melody, all right on cue.

This is how we approach our production. We have a process in which we prepare for every scenario that could come, and make sure we know what to do if something goes wrong. And we have a great band leader in our president, Kirby Schultz.

When it comes to producing engaging virtual events, everything is magnified. Just like an in-person event, every little detail is noticed.

The difference is every single person watching is focused on a single shot, almost as if the event is under a microscope. Every payoff and intricate piece of entertainment is enhanced, but so are the mistakes.

That is why we use high-end equipment and our experienced team members to make sure everything is of the highest quality.

The Future of Live Events

While society is constantly changing along with the content preferences of your audience, it appears virtual production will continue to be prominent  for the foreseeable future.

One likely way is through simulcasting an in-person event. At its best, the internet connects people across the globe to share in experiences. By giving people multiple ways to attend something, you can reach the most people.

Hybrid events certainly take more effort and expertise to produce, but we have the know-how to get the job done.

Preparing your next event

If you want to plan a big event for your organization, make sure you collaborate with a winning team. Our goal is to take your vision and make it a reality–improvising, jitterbugging and swinging until the end of the show. We do it all to send your audience home on a high note.

Call or contact us if you want to elevate your plans and create a lasting impact.