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7 Tips to Make your Company’s Career Web Page Stand Out

By April 26, 2021Hiring, Jobs
Tips to Make your Company’s Career Web Page Stand Out

Career pages are some of the most highly trafficked pages on websites. Not only do people have to look for jobs for themselves, but they are often looking for their friends and family members. By making your careers page stand out from the rest, those visitors are more likely to remember and share your information with others that are job seeking.

Here are 7 tips to get higher web traffic and more applications when you have your employment opportunities.

1. Sell potential hires on why they should want to work for you

Include your company’s mission, vision, values & company culture. Whatever those are, you should position your company as a desirable place to work for everyone.

This probably goes without saying, and is included on most career pages – mention the benefits included for full-time or part-time employees, such as competitive salary, health & dental insurance, retirement plans, and PTO.

Some companies can go as far to include an onsite gym or fitness membership. You may feel your company can’t compete with such luxury, and that’s ok. You can still include other fun stuff – casual dress environment, holiday parties, summer picnic, etc.

2. Highlight any additional company perks

In addition what’s mentioned above with benefits, think of of other little bonuses your company offers. Some restaurants allow a free meal during each shift, snack companies may offer free taste testings for new products and retail stores are known to offer discounts on merchandise. When possible, share those perks!

3. Prioritize your company’s uniqueness

When possible to brag about this – share the average or longest tenure of your employees. This says a lot about a company. Certain aspects of their career have kept that employee there. That’s something to be proud of.

You can also brag about an employee of the month or an anniversary. Simple recognition looks good to new candidates, and can keep your current talent around a lot longer. According to Forbes, nearly 90 percent of employees who received recognition or thanks from their boss in the past month indicated higher levels of trust in that boss.

4. Emphasize employee growth

So many companies tout that you will “grow” or advance with their organization. If you offer continuing education or learning, which nearly all companies do, state that.

When you can, link to or share a short story. For example, how one employee went from being a janitor to production manager by naturally learning methods while being on the floor – helping out when necessary and ultimately being the best candidate when that position opened up.

And how about your company’s diversity? When applicable, demonstrate how diverse your employees are. Women can be electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs and drive forklifts. A simple photo of them in action can help eliminate any stereotype that says different.

5. Show off with videos and photos of employees in action

Every company has access to creating video nowadays – either with cell phones or more robust equipment. Showing short clips of the day-to-day functions helps job seekers envision themselves with your company. Share the videos on social media as well – and be assured, those potential recruits will be researching you there, too.

6. Utilize Testimonials

Encourage current employees to share video or written testimonials about their experience on the job. Include their first name and a photo at minimum, to make their statement look and feel authentic.

7. Show candidates where they could fit

What departments do you have? Many companies have several departments that make their business successful – like accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, design, IT, production, quality control, shipping/receiving and janitorial.

While open positions may not be available in all departments you can still encourage potential recruits to submit a resume. It’s important to remember, however, when taking this route to respond to all applicants.

They took the time to share with you their interest in working for you. Show reciprocation by letting them know you received their information and what your action will be. By ignoring them, you are setting yourself up for a negative image with  whoever they may share your response (or no response) with.

This may sound like a lot of information to put on a careers page, but it’s really not. Every tip we share here may not work for your company, but they should help you generate some ideas. By being as transparent as possible with what your company offers, you’ll have a larger applicant pool of candidates to choose from. So be creative, open, and honest – and of course, don’t forget to list your openings!

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