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Promoting Your Community with City Branding

By March 15, 2021Branding
Promoting Your Community with City Branding

Ad agencies are little mini towns with different people hustling and bustling different directions, but all working together.

It’s a community. And thankfully, we get a lot of opportunities to work with other communities, too. Building up the health, identity and prosperity of cities and towns is one of our favorite things to do.

Cities and towns are the lifeblood of our very existence. Helping them survive and thrive is one of our greatest privileges. If you’re a big city or small town, here are some ways we can help you with city branding.

Identify what makes you special

Schools, shopping, tourism and healthcare are all things that you may have, but they are not what makes you, you.

Your identity as a community is forever tied to what your residents think and feel about you. And those insights are key to not only surviving, but thriving.

Here are some examples of community insights:

– We’re close to the bigger city, but much more affordable.
– Our small town is much bigger than you think.
– We have local businesses that are unique alternatives to big box stores.
– This bit of history is something you won’t see elsewhere.
– Here is the best way to visit and experience our great community.

Consolidate your efforts when you can

One of the hardest challenges of an evolving community is consolidating the interests at stake. Your city or town may have multiple websites that serve the community in different ways. This is fine, but one of the things we do at HS is try to unify that messaging.

In our early discussions with the city of Luverne, Minnesota, one theme became very clear. Business owners and residents were extremely proud of their town and simply loved living there. The tagline “Love the Life” was a natural fit, emphasizing what all community stakeholders had in common and playfully referencing the city’s pronunciation.

The theme has since been incorporated throughout the community in a number of ways. Various organizations and websites have included this messaging to put forth a message of unity and consistency.

Another example is North Sioux City, South Dakota. This small but thriving community was often in the shadows of both Sioux Falls and it’s Sioux City namesake just to the south. But North Sioux City had a story to tell, too. It was easily accessible, pro-business development and surrounded by natural wonders.

They are a small town vibe surrounded by big city amenities, all adding up to “Where You Want to Be.” HS helped consolidate the city’s government resources with their economic and tourism appeals in one website.

How you brand a city is important, but you must also give visitors an easy path to find you and find out more about you.

How to Get Started

HS has helped cities throughout the region brand themselves, including our own.

Experience Sioux Falls tasked us with a campaign to showcase our city as an active travel destination for couples, families and empty nesters. We also aimed to reach convention planners and invite businesses to consider holding their future events here. In it, we reached over a million and a half households.

If you want to reach households with the story of your hometown, let’s sit down and talk. We’ll help bring together your strengths and reintroduce you as a destination, business spot or someone’s new home.

HS can help communities with something as small as a landmark brochure to as extensive as a 100+ page visitor’s guide or even city website. We’re in the business of branding. And we’re ready to help brand you.