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Tammy and Lynell: A Rare Pair

By February 15, 2021Staff
LYNELL Weeg & Tammy Larson

You could say Tammy and Lynell make quite a pair. They’ve shared nearby office spaces for most of HenkinSchultz’s 30 years, but they’ve shared a lot of memories, too.

LYNELL Weeg & Tammy Larson

The Lost Highway Tour

Lynell Weeg, Creative Director, has made no secret of her love for Bon Jovi throughout the years. So when the coiffed-hair dreamboat and his band were scheduled to play in Fargo, she was not about to miss it.

Tammy Larson, Art Director, was down for the fun, too. The two endeavored upon an epic road trip and documented every step of the way with an old-school video camera the size of a bread box.

The stay even included an evening at the kitchy Starlite Hotel, the only place they could find. Besides the concert, of course, randomness followed. Tammy nearly got scalded in the shower, the two hunted for yard gnomes, Rumplemintz and had an impromptu photoshoot in the middle of nowhere on their own lost highway.

It was just one of many adventures they’ve created throughout the years.

LYNELL Weeg & Tammy Larson

Starting Out in the Design Business Together

“Lynell and I both started here at the same time,” says Tammy. “She was a summer intern and I was fresh out of school, a non-traditional student with two school-aged kids.” Tammy adds with a laugh that she was a bit lost when Lynell returned to college in the fall.

Lynell returned to HS full time after college in 1996 and it was the beginning of a 27-year friendship.

“We’ve been together through literally an era – each bringing our individual perspectives to the relationship. Through mutual support and prayer, we’ve navigated through joy and loss, lifting each other up in whatever way we need to be lifted,” says Tammy. “Even though we have differing views on some of society’s challenges, we’re able to listen and try to understand each other’s concerns.”

“When I met Tammy, I thought to myself ‘Wow, there really is someone else on this earth who has the same wacky sense of humor as me’, ” says Lynell.

The two have also had their share of fun at employee parties, weddings, Jazzfest outings and have even instigated numerous office pranks like leaving messages for ownership from fake people, planting a fart machine in the office ceiling, or putting pieces of a Baby Ruth in the private office bathroom toilet.

Good natured mischief has always followed them both and each takes a role in designing unique or outrageous cards, themes, and even songs for employee anniversaries and special events.

Creativity Outside the Office

Lynell enjoys helping her church and school on design projects and encouraging the creative endeavors of her two sons. She takes every opportunity to be outside when she can and observe nature. She’s observed a lot in her 24+ years at HenkinSchultz, too.

“I have been able to watch, listen and learn from one of the most incredible artists I know, Kirby Schultz. He has taught me so much about being a creative thinker and he puts his heart into everything he creates,” says Lynell. “Beyond the support I have felt in my career, is the support and friendships that have truly been life-changing — and in some cases life-sustaining — as we all go through the ups and downs together.”

Outside the office, Tammy enjoys the collection of historic family photos and turning them into art. She hopes to work on an ancestry book diving into her family’s history. In her 27 years with HenkinSchultz, Tammy notes, “I have pretty much raised my family here and I don’t think I ever had to miss an important family function. Our leaders have been supportive and know that family is important to all of us. Not everyone gets that luxury at their workplace and I really do appreciate that.”

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A Shared Experience

A common theme emerges when talking to both Tammy and Lynell. Yes, they love design. Yes, they love their families and their work, but both treasure shared experiences – even the odd ones.

Tammy has kept a cupcake for the better part of a decade just to see what would happen to it. (Spoiler alert: It’s so full of preservatives, nothing has happened to it). The two have a paper cutout of the Holy Spirit perched between their desks and a smiley-face squeeze ball. Each cherishes the little things.

And for nearly three decades, they’ve contributed little — and big — things to HS.

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