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2020: Local Web Design Projects For Your Inspiration

By November 30, 2020Website Design
2020 Web Design

The year 2020 meant a lot of different things to many people and businesses. With stores that may have temporarily closed due to COVID-19, people realized just how important their website was. For some, it meant ‘it’s time for a new website’ – whether it meant buying a new domain and starting fresh, or getting a new look on an old website.

Either way, HenkinSchultz is always honored to help develop a new website project!

From painters, daycares, liquor stores and more, the following 2020 website builds are “magically” displayed on various Mac device mockups. Hover and scroll over each layout to see the functionality of the live site! (Best viewed on desktop browsers) You can also view and browse each site with your own device by clicking on the URL button.

Sioux Falls Teammates

Link: https://siouxfallsteammates.org/

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Industry: Nonprofit

Website Fun Facts and Features:

  • Look and feel based off of parent website: https://teammates.org/
  • Information on how to mentor
  • Downloadable donation pdf
  • Events calendar
  • News/Blog area
  • Social sharing
imac background
View Sioux Falls Teammates on your device

The Canton Barn

Link: https://thecantonbarnllc.com/

Location: Canton, SD

Industry: Event Venue

Website Fun Facts and Features:

  • Google reviews dynamically fed to the website monthly
  • Features beautiful wedding gallery and more
  • Events/booking calendar
  • Integration with contact form
  • Links to social media
imac background
View The Canton Barn on your device

SME (Sioux Falls Marketing Executives)

Link: https://www.smesiouxfalls.org/

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Industry: Business/Marketing

Website Fun Facts and Features:

  • Business directory with member profile details
  • Monthly meeting and calendar integration
  • Social sharing links on internal pages
  • Various contact and registration forms
imac background
View SME on your device

Painting the Town

Link: https://paintingthetownsf.com/

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Industry: Residential & Commercial Painting Services

Website Fun Facts and Features:

  • Custom logo design by HenkinSchultz
  • Galleries of interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting projects
  • Background graphics that symbolize roller painting
  • Button and call to actions with unique paint graphics
  • Contact form
macbook background
View Painting the Town on your device

Stone Hill Excavation

Link: https://stonehillexcavation.com/

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Industry: Drainage & Utility Contractor

Website Fun Facts and Features:

  • Background graphics that match logo/theme
  • Information on specialized services
  • Estimate and contact forms
  • Links to social media
macbook background
View Stonehill Excavation on your device

Your University Prep

Link: https://youruniversityprep.com/

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Industry: College Prep Services

Website Fun Facts and Features:

  • Logo created by HenkinSchultz
  • Website matches other branding collateral
  • Simple one page website packed with counseling information including college statistics, owner biography and pricing
  • Background parallax features
  • Contact form
imac background
View Your University Prep on your device

Brookings Liquor Store

Link: https://brookingsliquorstore.com/

Location: Brookings, SD

Industry: Retail

Website Fun Facts and Features:

  • Features new products, sale items and more
  • Links to social media
imac background
View Brookings Liquor Store on your device

Lakeco Crop Services

Link: https://lakecocropservices.com/

Location: Wentworth, SD

Industry: Agriculture

Website Fun Facts and Features:

  • A simple one page website featuring services of seed, crop protection, fertilizers, and crop insurance.
  • Integrated Google map
  • Contact form
  • Link to company Twitter
macbook background
View Lakeco Crop Services on your device
Thanks for browsing our 2020 web projects and we hope you have found some inspiration.
You can always learn more about our web design process and learn more by viewing our web portfolio.
Thank you to all of our clients who’ve allowed us to help with their business websites in 2020!
We look forward to what 2021 brings for website design and development!

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