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Company Culture at the Workplace

By November 3, 2020Jobs
Company culture at the workplace

Even today, you still hear a lot of talk about company culture. It was especially prevalent in the dot-com era of the nineties. Tech companies had bean bag chairs for their employees or a basketball hoop in their breakroom. Fun and edgy was the name of the game.

People were given cool titles like Chief Fun Officer and corporations touted the cool things they were doing to attract and keep good employees. Doing so, also made their office a fun place for clients and vendors to visit.

Many things are done to project an air of cool, catch media attention or attract new shareholders. However, good companies recognize the real benefits of company culture: happy employees, less turnover, and more productivity.

It’s always been a focus at HenkinSchultz. Here’s why.

Company Culture Celebrates People & Benefits Everyone

It’s common in any business to hear, “It’s all about the client.” “It’s all about the customer.” or “It’s all about service.” None of those things are bad things, but at face value, they overlook that you need excited people to deliver on those things. You need engaged employees.

HenkinSchultz does a lot of simple things to celebrate our team. We celebrate birthdays with the most horrendous rendition of “Happy Birthday” any human has ever heard. We recognize anniversaries and other milestones. But celebrating people is so much more than that.

We try to engage people in their personal passion, whether it be decorating the office, writing a funny song for our boss or planning a chili cook off. On the surface, these are little things. But in a deeper sense they say, “You are a valued contributor, here.”

We give back to our beloved community here in Sioux Falls, SD by working with organizations like Feeding South Dakota to help those in need. In our most recent campaign with Feeding SD, we were able to donate just over 150,000 meals to those in need and are still taking donations each day.

People who feel valued work harder and create better work. Google is often celebrated for their company culture and frequently referenced as an example of workplace success.

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Any business can sign up for countless seminars on strategies to promote company culture. HS finds it’s easier to just do it.

When we began kicking around the idea of what it means to be Crazy Obsessed, our leadership tasked us to take ownership of it in a very real way. How? We were all challenged to create an image that explains what Crazy Obsessed means to us personally.

Each image was mounted to create a collage in our front entryway, a very tactile representation of the diversity of thought in our office. It’s a simple reminder when you walk into work that your personal contribution is part of a bigger picture.

crazy obsessed

Some Ideas To Consider for Your Workplace Culture

Improvements in company culture don’t just happen overnight. They must be encouraged and supported over time to reap the rewards of focusing on it. What are those rewards?

  • Less Turnover
  • More Productivity
  • Better Dialogue on Challenges
  • Employee Engagement
  • New Talent Attraction
  • Improved Work

All businesses aspire to these things, but not everyone makes time to focus on them. Time is always a challenge in business, so here’s a few ideas you can implement almost immediately.

  • Appoint a person or committee for milestone events like anniversaries or holidays.
  • Make time for an exchange of ideas on the company itself, not just your clients or customers.
  • If a person values a particular skill outside their job description, find ways to put it to work.

HS Can Help You Build a Better Company Culture

It’s very easy to be mission-centric at work — and that’s not a bad thing.

In fact, HS has helped several companies further their mission internally through:

  • Building internal marketing or incentive programs
  • Leading discovery meetings to help teams learn their strengths
  • Event production for company meetings and celebrations
  • Interior signage celebrating company milestones and philosophies
  • Even creating logo wear, specialties and company gifts for celebrated occasions

There are few limits to how you can further build your company culture. And if you’re ready to take yours to a new level, let’s kick around what you can do next.