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Tips for Rebranding with a Marketing Agency

By October 5, 2020November 10th, 2020Branding, Design
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Your brand is more than your logos and colors.

At HenkinSchultz, we believe your brand is:

  • Who you believe you are
  • What people believe about you
  • Daily demonstrations of each in your work and appearance

Taking on a full rebrand means embarking on a thoughtful process to determine the brand identity and how to portray it in the logo and other advertising materials.

Maybe your company has evolved beyond the current identity and is ready for something new. Or, your target audience has changed and your competitors are ramping up. Rebranding is a great chance to strengthen your presence in the eyes of customers.

Let’s get into tips we recommend when a business embarks on a rebranding endeavor.

Agency Rebranding Tips

HenkinSchultz believes your business deserves more. Don’t settle. A custom logo designed true to your brand invokes the core of who you are and everything your business does.

When working with agencies on a logo design, brand refresh, or full rebrand, make sure the agency you choose does the following:

  • Provides more than the logo. Ask for logo variations and the color palettes to use for marketing collateral and business cards.
  • Considers the brand perception. How does your audience feel about your brand? By pushing out a survey, conducting focus groups, testing messaging and other market research tactics can help you determine this.
  • Discovers the brand story and tells it consistently. Having a great logo, consistent use of colors, and cool signage are essential to building a recognizable brand.
  • Launches the logo design and brand effectively. Any agency can create a logo and a media plan. It takes more to break through the clutter with a full strategy across digital and traditional media platforms alike.
  • Makes the process as collaborative as possible. Everyone has an opinion. The agency should welcome feedback from all departments and leadership levels.

With so much invested in your business and brand, it’s extremely important to protect both. Simple things like a great logo and consistency in the use, appearance, color and tone of your marketing materials make a big difference in breaking through the clutter of the competition. Your brand should not only be recognized, it should be repeated, respected and give your clients or customers a true sense of how you do your business and who you are.

Crazy Obsessed: Our Agency’s Rebranding Process

A complete rebrand involves going back to the core of who you are and looking at everything. This is an intensive process that HS helps a lot of clients navigate.

Our Crazy Obsessed approach supports our clients on the road to rebranding with us. This can be a very rewarding and valuable exercise. As HS helps lead clients with creative marketing solutions, we also aspire to remain neutral. In other words, we don’t automatically assume what you need or try to speed through the process.

Need a Creative Logo Design for Your Business?

The designers at our agency in Sioux Falls have a wide range of creative experiences working with logo design and branding. We’re passionate about finding your brand identity and positioning your brand for success.

Whether your business needs a full rebranding or just a logo design, we can help!

Put our HS design team to work, and we’ll create and help you launch a rebrand for your business. Contact us today