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Benefits of a CRM for Digital Marketing

By September 14, 2020November 10th, 2020Digital

Do you remember trapper keepers?

If not, let’s refresh your memory. A trapper keeper is a loose-leaf binder that was popular back in the late ‘70s to ‘90s. It has sliding plastic rings, folders, and pockets to use as compartments for school supplies and papers all wrapped up in a stylish Velcro closure. To use one effectively, you would need to place paperwork and items just right so it doesn’t burst open and become a huge pain.

In this way, a trapper keeper is the perfect metaphor for a CRM.

That’s because a customer relationship management (CRM) system can not become cluttered, otherwise it’s entirely ineffective for digital marketing and lead tracking purposes.

Today, we know that a trapper keeper is useless in comparison to digital filing tools such as Dropbox, Evernote, Workamajig, etc. For the same reason, old CRMs are being replaced by current lead tracking and marketing automation systems.

So, let’s get into the benefits and how you can use a CRM for digital marketing at your business.

How to Use a CRM System for your Digital Strategy

Managing customer data with a modern CRM tool is good for business.

When you manage your customers better, you earn more conversions for your business and build brand loyalty.

A CRM offers numerous benefits for your business, digital marketing efforts, and website conversions. These benefits help your business directly improve your sales and ultimately grow.

At HenkinSchultz, we’re familiar with CRM automation tools like SharpSpring and HubSpot. Based on our experience, here are four great ways you can use a CRM system for digital marketing purposes.

Get to know your audience.

Learning more about contact information from the leads within your CRM is a great way to develop the right marketing message. However, acquiring these details is only as effective as the CRM data.

With the best information possible, your digital marketing team can take the strategy even further with details like first name, last name, purchase date, location, and email address. Knowing this data builds a clearer understanding of where leads are in the buyer’s journey.

Improve your data marketing targeting. 

Additionally, having a good amount of contacts makes building lists for targeting that much better for email marketing and digital ad targeting.

For example, you could pull CRM lead data for Facebook advertising campaigns by building custom and lookalike audiences.

  • Facebook Custom Audiences: Specific list of people from your CRM for your ad to reach
  • Facebook Lookalike Audiences: Audience targeted by Facebook that has similar demographics to those in a custom list you’ve imported

Track key performance indicators easily.

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a measurable metric determining how effective your business is at achieving objectives. With a CRM tool, your business can track exact metrics like number of leads, customers, qualified leads, website visits, email list growth rate, and many more.

Additionally, connecting leads to CRM data is an excellent way to document where the contact falls within the buyer’s journey. Having the right data is crucial to tracking qualified leads.

Report on stronger metrics. 

Better tracking data means better reporting.

A data-driven approach can work wonders for your bottom line by creating a stronger understanding of:

  • Who your Customers Are
  • What They Purchase
  • How Brand Loyal They Are

With insights drawn from data, your business can also make more informed decisions regarding sales and marketing efforts.

Need CRM Integration Ideas for your Digital Strategy?

If your CRM system is equivalent to that of a trapper keeper, it’s time to modernize. Get more useful data out of your contacts. We can improve your CRM process and create a better digital strategy for your business based on data.

We develop every digital marketing plan based on user behavior from your website and customer information. Then we track and analyze results to improve online performance further. Learn more about our digital services at HenkinSchultz.