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Why We’re Crazy Obsessed About The One Thing

By August 10, 2020Marketing
the process

Marketing companies have to do many things: research, strategy, creative, media, digital and so much more.

The media and tools at our disposal are always evolving. But no matter how many things are out there, we’re still Crazy Obsessed about finding The One Thing. When we do, we apply it to creative marketing solutions.

Everyone Talks Process, But This is a Way of Creative Thinking

Whether it’s logo design or digital marketing strategy, HenkinSchultz believes in a way of thinking, a way of living. We are Crazy Obsessed in our work.

So what does that actually mean? Let’s talk about Crazy.

  • It’s an adjective to describe how Obsessed we are.
  • We must break through the noise of the competition.
  • We will pursue big ideas that you might not have considered.
  • We will be fun people to work with and strive to be the best part of your day.

How does Obsessed fit into this?

  • We only hire people who are passionate about their job.
  • We will support any Crazy idea with a sound strategy.
  • We will seek out any tool necessary to reach your audience and move them.
  • We will be highly organized in our planning, communications, reporting and adjustments.

When you put Crazy Obsessed together, you have a creative and analytical team that goes to work every day — determined to move your audience to act.

Discovery and Market Research for a Purpose

Discovery and market research is about getting to know YOUR audience; what moves them to act; and what’s stopping them from acting.

When we discover those things, either via your experience and history, secondary research or survey tools, we have a powerful head start on success. Some clients can feel pressured by “what their agency wants to do.” We try to take a step back from that.

What your customer or consumer wants is king. 

That should be our shared motivation for any ad, email, campaign, sales promotion, design or event planning. When we can accurately determine what your customer wants or doesn’t, we can better predict what will move the needle.

What Is The One Thing?

So as a business you may be thinking, “I don’t just do one thing. I need to do lots of things.” Of course, that’s true. It’s true as an advertising agency, too.

The One Thing is really about driving to a singular philosophy about your business. It is your guiding principle in all actions. It is our measuring stick for whether or not we are doing the right thing.

Let’s say for example, you are a shop that sells a range of powerboats. You do lots of things.

You sell and service. You store boats off season. You sell fuel, accessories or even apparel.

All of these make up your business — and require various different approaches. But what is The One Thing that drives everything you do?

Is it “We offer a wide range of great boat and boating products and back them with service.”? Sure, that’s what you do. But it’s a mouthful as a philosophy. And it’s not highly compelling.

So, let’s try this on for size, “We make the boating lifestyle a breeze.” See how this is a much more compelling One Thing to say? It’s informed by research that says people love boating, but maintenance, financing or storage is a hassle or intimidating.

By arriving at “We make the boating lifestyle a breeze,” we have a playful, simple statement that can drive all the other things we do. We make sure that message drives all points of customer contact in sales or service, whether selling a lifejacket or a 30-foot boat.

So, What Is the One Thing You Crazy Obsess About?

We hope this little discussion about Crazy Obsessed, process and The One Thing has given you something to think about.

And if you want some help finding and advertising your One Thing? HenkinSchultz would love to get Crazy Obsessed on your behalf.