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The Importance of Video Content — and Capturing Summer Video

By July 6, 2020Video
HS Video

We’ve all been watching a lot of videos lately, no doubt. But hopefully, you’re getting outside some, too.

That’s one of the beauties about this time of year in South Dakota. It’s a great time for video production. The clouds cooperate, the grass is green and everything looks a bit more alive.

There are a lot of reasons to consider adding video to your content mix right now. HenkinSchultz would love to help with our video production services. But in the meantime, here are a few things to consider about the flexibility and power of video.

The Weather is Nice for Taking Video Footage

Have we mentioned the weather is nice? That doesn’t just mean people are in better spirits. It means you have opportunities to capture beautiful imagery you can use year round:

  • That landscaped exterior of your workplace
  • A client in action, in the field, on the water, or across the plains
  • Drone footage of your business, acreage, or market

Since generally, the weather is more reliable this time of year, you have more options. The days are longer, which means more time to pick the best hours to shoot. And both sunrise and sunset produce some stunning results in the “golden hour”.

For Those Watching Videos at Home

Video consumption was already experiencing exponential growth – both mobile and online. Now, as many have been staying home, or working from home, consumption has been even higher.

And that fact demands a smarter online presence from you. It should be part of your marketing strategy to make sure every customer or prospect gets information, education and even a little entertainment and celebration.

On the education front, explainer videos are a great way to achieve communicating new or updated facts, products or services to your customer.

This simple, animated, short video format is a popular way to describe things like the following:

  • How curbside pickup works
  • Telling clients about a new way of handling transactions
  • Introduce a new idea
  • Remind people of your core company values

They are less expensive to produce than you may think, and more importantly, they engage your viewer by standing out from the crowd. They are also an awesome option when multiple people can’t all be in one place for a live video shoot.

With Video Services, it’s All About Options

A great thing about video and video technology is that it provides more options than ever. For example, your high-resolution video can be captured and often used for still photographs, too. This can come in handy on your website or say on a lobby or waiting room video.

When HenkinSchultz shoots video – any time of year – we’re always crazy obsessed about thinking on your behalf. What other ways can you maximize your investment? Where else can video be used? And how else can we use it to engage your customers?

Thinking about video needs this summer for your business? Contact HS today and we can determine what kind of video is right for you!