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Non-Traditional Media and Marketing Solutions in 2020

By July 20, 2020August 10th, 2020Media Planning
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We can all agree 2020 has been anything but a traditional year. As we look ahead to the second half of the year, we’re talking about non-traditional advertising. And how it may work for you!

So, Just What is Non-traditional Advertising?

Non-traditional advertising refers to any of a number of outside-the-box ways to reach your customers with creative marketing solutions.

Mini Cooper attached their tiny cars on top of buses to showcase their compact size and turn heads.

Burger King dressed up the Subservient Chicken and dared internet users to give the chicken a task and share with friends.

Geek Squad put their raised logo on workers’ shoes so the logo would appear in mud and snow as they criss-crossed their various tech stops.

These are just a few fun ways businesses have found to execute non-traditional advertising.

Creative Marketing Solutions During COVID-19

We know that during the COVID crisis, businesses have been hurting. Many have even closed. And for some, the last thing they are thinking about is traditional media or digital advertising.

Note, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to advertise. In fact, many media rates are highly favorable right now and there is an opportunity to earn goodwill. What better time to advertise than when your competition is more silent?

But for those who simply cannot, it’s a great time to consider what else you can do.

Take Inspiration from Your Business

Taking inspiration from your business is the first place to start. If you’re in the business of athletic footwear, why not organize a mom and stroller walk/race with a nominal fee that goes toward the charity of your choice?

If you develop software or business solution platforms, perhaps you can dedicate efforts to stay at home solutions like so many have.

Better yet, create that 5-minute workout for the top of the hour, encouraging people on computers to get up and move.

We’ve seen countless examples of these innovations on television, online and more. The important thing is to be sincere, reputable and not appear to be taking advantage of a bad situation.

So what else constitutes non-traditional advertising? Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

  • Mow “thank you” into the lawn in front of your home or office.
  • Ask the toughest of workers in your construction crew to wear a provided pink tee during Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  • Do something highly unusual. For example, if you’re a talk radio station or podcaster, go silent for a period of time to bring attention to an issue.
  • Use your social media in a way you haven’t before, explore newer social platforms like TikTok and use them for good.

Lastly, Look at Your First Half of 2020

Rightfully so, there’s a lot of 2020 we’d likely rather forget. But with it at the half point of the year, it’s a good time to look back before moving ahead.

  • What sales trends increased or decreased?
  • What innovations have you made? Which ones worked or didn’t work?
  • How can you make the most of more favorable weather?
  • Are there other associations and partnerships you should be making?

Whether traditional, digital or non-traditional, what will your campaign look like for the rest of the year? HenkinSchultz is here to talk as we navigate this year like everyone else. Contact us today!