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Crazy Obsessions Outside the Office

By July 27, 2020April 13th, 2023Staff
Crazy obsessions

HenkinSchultz has always been big on celebrating. Be it singing “Happy Birthday” in deliberate and awful tones to anniversaries, parades and office competitions. We enjoy a good party. We also enjoy hearing what our team is Crazy Obsessed about outside the office.

HS team members share a few of their creative pursuits, hobbies and what they do to relax, inspire and refresh in their spare time.

Cameron Abbas, Graphic Designer

Font Enthusiast

When Cameron isn’t designing, he’s designing. A big fan of using his tablet for drawing, Cameron has recently developed a love of creating fonts. His imaginative font creations reflect his passion for his craft.

“Recently, I’ve been trying my hand at font-making,” says Cameron. “I often like to bend the standard rules of typography when creating them. They’re display fonts, so they’re more style over structure you could say.”

Cameron also enjoys drawing and illustrating on his iPad with an Apple pencil. He creates loose, figurative sketches of wildlife, skulls, “little creepy things” and more.

Cam Abbas fonts

Melissa Doyle, Web Projects Manager

Upcycle Junkie

Melissa makes unique, creative hand-made gifts – including screen printed shirts and other garments. She also loves turning pallets, logs, wine bottles and other recyclables into works of art.

She does most of her design with a mouse or some sort of saw. And when she doesn’t exactly know how to execute her vision, she avidly soaks in YouTube videos and teaches herself.

“My inspiration for comes from a love of color, fonts, apparel, beer, wine, cedar and of course – animals.” She notes her dog Kewley, and her nieces and nephew as inspiration too.

cedar bear

Toby Kane, Creative Strategist

Improv Addict

When he’s not making strategies, making up headlines or advertising copy, Toby can often be found making up scenes on a stage. His improv comedy group Basement Dwellers performs regularly around Sioux Falls, introducing people to the art of making up humor on the spot, based entirely on audience suggestions:

  • Something funny that happened on a date
  • A relationship that’s stressful
  • Vacation destination
  • Occupation

“A lot of people think you have to be really quick on your feet to perform improv,” says Toby. “But it’s really about listening and reacting, listening and reacting. And when it works well, there’s nothing more magical. It makes you feel like you’re being a kid again.”

The group performs around Sioux Falls and the region and have been featured performers at the Omaha Improv Festival.

sioux falls improv

Tammy Larson, Graphic Designer

History Seeker

Outside of HS, Tammy enjoys studying her ancestry and family history. She turns old images into conversation starters and even frames them as inexpensive art.
“I am inspired by searching through old family photos, selecting those that are thought-provoking and interesting, scanning and enhancing in Photoshop. It’s a great way to learn about my heritage.”

old photo

What Makes Our Crazy Obsessed Agency Tick

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