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Importance of Flexibility with an Advertising Agency

By May 25, 2020May 26th, 2020Advertising

It’s easy to be frustrated right now. And that’s all the more reason to be flexible.

Every ad on television tells us something we should be learning or even enjoying about the new reality of the Coronavirus crisis.

Just like life doesn’t stop, neither does advertising. For however exhausting the daily influx of messaging can be, a good message is nice, but an authentic one is better. And it would be disingenuous to not admit we are all re-examining what happens next in business, life and social interactions.

Perhaps the biggest thing we can take away from a crisis is the importance of being flexible.

As Business Struggles, Businesses Adapt

Most of us can admit it’s easy to get used to doing business one way. And when we find a way that works, we’re inclined to stick with that practice.

That’s good business 101. But being great at business requires more of us. We must be flexible, look ahead, react and respond with both empathy and innovation.

HenkinSchultz has always strived to be a flexible advertising partner. And flexibility is not just good business, right now, it’s necessary to business survival.

As a business, HS has been immensely inspired by the innovations in business we’ve witnessed. Medical services moving to telemedicine. Restaurants and service industry looking to up their carry out and delivery. And private manufacturing building new things for public good.

Our own team has used this time to build and promote the #siouxfallsstrong campaign, a way to tell all people they are essential, and support Feeding South Dakota in a memorable way.


Not all alternate choices are ideal. And many of these choices have been forced upon businesses in an effort to stay alive, stay relevant and employ good people.

So being flexible is not a cure all, but it is essential to our business health moving forward. And the same is true of your marketing partner.

Flexibility in Advertising with Your Marketing Agency

It’s not unusual for businesses to cut outside expenses — like advertising — in times of crisis. We’ve seen it and we’ve lived through it.

That’s why one pillar of our process is to monitor and adjust.

That’s also why your marketing partner — or any partner — must not exist to merely put out your message, but solve a problem. There are budget-friendly branding ideas to consider.

We’re also working with our various reps to rework clients’ media buys and digital budgets, and in many cases, negotiating better schedules. We continue to work with every printing or outside vendor to buy locally and find ways to save.

HS has also helped many clients adjust their message from a sales one to crisis communications, public relations and employee education.

Moving Forward with a Flexible Marketing Mindset

What must we do now? What can we do now? And who do you trust in times of crisis? As many tackle these questions, HS is comfortable in knowing this has always been our MO.

Problem solving over platitudes.

Innovation over cookie-cutter proposals.

Flexibility over rigid programs.

We’re crazy obsessed about solutions. And in a time where everybody is scrambling and talking, it’s important to listen, to adjust, to stay flexible.

If you need a partner during this time, or any time, reach out to HenkinSchultz.

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