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How to Come Up with Good Blog Content

By April 27, 2020November 10th, 2020Digital
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Having a blog is just one step. You need to keep it active too!

By posting consistently to a blog, you’re able to keep a continuous stream of new content flowing into your website. This gives your brand opportunities to rank for a variety of keywords relating to the topics you post about.

Coming up with blog topics is easy. Coming up with good, useful blog content is not. Here’s how we recommend brainstorming topics and going about content generation to make your blog a hit.

Writing for Blog Content Creation

Publishing blog content is a search engine optimization (SEO) best practice. We recommend including blog content creation as a part of your digital marketing mix.

The same writing principles for print can be applied to blogs — for the most part. Writing for a blog gives you a chance to expound on topics in great detail. The more informative and helpful a post is, the better it addresses search queries conducted by users online. Meaning, good writing leads to a positive user experience, which in turn benefits SEO.

The biggest difference between writing for print and writing for blogs is the reading level. It’s recommended that blog content be written at an 8th-grade level based on the Flesch-Kincaid assessment.

And another difference is keyword implementation — which should be done naturally. Strive to write creative and original content first. Apply SEO later.

Brainstorming Content Ideas for Your Blog

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with how to write for a blog, then you’re ready to start coming up with topics!

Here’s a list of suggestions for how you can determine blog topics.

  • Study your keyword rankings and group together related keywords to form a new topic.
  • Think about what your audience or clientele needs help with at the moment. What answers would you give them?
  • Ask your sales and customer service teams what questions they get the most. There are likely questions they get asked frequently that would make great blog topics.
  • Review existing blog posts that perform the best to come up with similar topics. Check behavioral metrics in Google Analytics to find this out.
  • Go to Google Trends to see what’s topical right now. Only pick topics that make sense for your brand to write on.

Stay Active with a Content Schedule

Having a consistent publishing schedule gives you a plan of action. By establishing a regular posting strategy, you’re more likely to be successful with your blog.

At HenkinSchultz, we plan out blog content topics on a monthly schedule. This gives our subscribers new content to read on a regular basis. We recommend taking a similar approach for your brand.

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Reach out to us and we’ll devise a full strategy to improve your online presence through blog and content creation.