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How to Adjust Your Advertising During COVID-19

By April 20, 2020November 10th, 2020Advertising
How to Adjust Your Advertising During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted every industry out there today. So, we compiled a list of steps your business can take to adjust advertising during this pandemic.

Tips for Advertising During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s true that some businesses are pulling back on advertisement spending until we see how the current situation unfolds. While this is necessary in some cases, there is still room for adjustments to be made to applicable marketing strategies. Let’s illustrate what we mean with these tips.

1. Redefine the objective for your target audience.

Consider who and how you’re reaching potential leads.

For example, if your marketing goals are set on growing new leads, focus on appealing to your current customers with retargeting campaigns. Or, define a new targeting set altogether to find opportunities with a different set of leads.

2. Test new ad types and new creative messages.

There are a wide variety of ad units out there. If you’re constantly pushing out the same type of ad with the same creative, try to mix it up.

One excellent way to do this is with Facebook ads. Do you normally share static images? Try sharing video content instead. Do all your ads say “contact us to learn more” as the call-to-action? Try a completely new call-to-action.

3. Offer a new product or service that can benefit the current needs of consumers.

New information on products and services sparks the attention of consumers.

Push new products and services out there as much as possible. Is there a key benefit of your product or service that potential leads may not know about? Create integrated messaging to highlight this benefit across digital and traditional advertisements.

4. Tell stories.

Stories are needed now more than ever.

We can relate and empathize with a good story. Storytelling gives consumers a realistic idea of the value a business can provide to them. This type of content builds an emotional connection more vividly than pushy messages. Find out how to build your story.

5. Make changes to your budget.

Find advertising solutions that are budget friendly for branding expenses.

You can still build awareness for your business’s offerings even with a low budget. It just takes the right idea and strategy to work. Learn more about affordable marketing ideas here.

6. Invest your time and budget into digital marketing.

Invest marketing dollars into digital platforms.

Since we can’t physically buy products in-person as seamlessly as we used to due to COVID-19 restrictions, many consumers are relying on the Internet to provide their means. Digital media can take many forms online, whether it be video content, a new website design, or digital advertising. Updating your business’s online platforms now is a good idea while things are slow.

7. Use the downtime to rebrand business signage needs.

Signage is one of the most important forms of advertising.

There are endless creative options for exterior and interior signage. Vehicle wraps brand a business’s fleet advertising to make everything look unified. See what our HS Sign Shop can do for your signage needs.

You are Essential yard sign

8. Create an entirely new campaign in partnership with a good cause.

People are in need of help and a boost in spirits. Build a campaign to directly speak to what consumers are going through right now.

One example of a campaign like this is our Sioux Falls Strong campaign. HenkinSchultz partnered with Feeding South Dakota to call attention to the food shortages in Sioux Falls. The campaign also seeks to raise the spirits of the community because we are all essential in this crisis. The public is able to purchase a yard sign to celebrate a front line worker, a loved one, a neighbor, or family member, with all proceeds benefiting Feeding South Dakota.

The Most Important Tip for Advertising Right Now: Be Authentic

With whatever direction you decide to take with adjusting your advertising, remember the most important ingredient to any strategy.

Be authentic.

Consumers are informed now more than ever before and know how to spot empty promises. They appreciate transparency and honesty. Stay true to the mission of your business and be open with your customers.

The HS Team Is Here to Help

If your business’s advertising goals need help, HenkinSchultz is ready to step in. We give every project — big or small — our full attention to find the one thing that sets you apart from the competition. We’re passionate about the work we do, and we’re here to help you too.

Reach out with any questions you have on the advertising services we can provide.