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What it Means to Be a Crazy Obsessed Advertising Agency

By March 16, 2020 Advertising
the one thing in marketing

Every two weeks, a team at HenkinSchultz gets together and talks marketing, marketing ourselves that is. In a busy world of client service and creative executions, we make time to be our own client, too.

We discuss a number of things:

  • How we can better market ourselves and our marketing solutions.
  • How we present the agency in the community, in person and online.
  • How we can best tell our story.

What is Our One Thing?

We lead ourselves through the same branding process we lead clients through: A search to discover The One Thing. We spoke recently about this process in our blog.

In a competitive world of full service advertising agencies, what is our differentiator? We offer creative marketing solutions, that’s for sure. But what are we as a collective group of people?

We’re Crazy Obsessed. We’re always asking “why?”

Not in a bad way. In the “we’re always thinking on your behalf” sort of way. It’s our way of reflecting the business of creative and the business of service in a manner that reflects our collective attitude

So What Does it Mean to be Crazy Obsessed?

You could say crazy is really the adjective here. It’s the passion by which we go about our business, serve our clients, find your audiences and do our work. Obsessed is our constant search for new solutions, analytics, strategies and more.

And while the two words aren’t mutually exclusive, we kind of break it down this way:

Crazy =
Thinking big
Collaborating more
Checking our effort

Obsessed =
Don’t rest until we find it
Listening and asking questions
10% More

How Do We Apply That Attitude to Our Work?

When we do a branding session for any client, we always want to give them a look at what their attitude looks like in action. In other words, “Sure, Crazy Obsessed sounds nice, but how do we apply it?” So, we took it a step further and looked at how to put it to work in our various departments.

Crazy obsessed about client service

  • Understanding your challenge
  • Knowing your targets
  • Communication and timelines
  • Asking why
  • Always thinking on clients’ behalf
  • Moving your audiences to act

Crazy obsessed about design

  • What is The One Thing?
  • Find the inspiration
  • Can this be more?
  • Is it on strategy?
  • Collaborating
  • Experimenting
  • Will it move them to act

Crazy obsessed about media

  • What’s new out there
  • Keeping pulse on trends
  • Building relationships
  • Making dollars work harder
  • Reporting and analytics
  • KPIs and ROIs
  • Will it move them to act

Crazy obsessed about digital

  • What’s new out there
  • What is customer journey
  • What tools can we deploy
  • What patterns are emerging
  • How can we simplify for you
  • What’s next before anyone else knows it
  • How do we move your audience to act

Let Us Obsess For You

Whatever your business, your products or services, let us obsess on your behalf. We’re always happy to sit down and discuss your business, your customers and how we can better move them to act.

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