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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out & Inform

By November 5, 2019November 10th, 2020Advertising, Branding
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The best kind of advertising strikes a balance between distinction and information.

Besides, it’s a little crowded out there in the fast-paced world of marketing anyway. How else are you going to get noticed and earn new business?

Don’t get lost in the crowd. We put together some pointers to help your brand’s messaging be heard, seen, and even goggled at.

Be Bold with Branding. Don’t Blend In.

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Standing out isn’t just about screaming messages at your audience. You can make an impact without actually yelling.

For example, Sioux Falls Urgent Care (SFUC) opened its doors in one of the fastest-growing areas of Sioux Falls, SD. With their new location on the southeast side of town, they wanted to position their brand for big things.

So, they turned to HS for help on carving out a space for their urgent care operation. While we could have promoted their convenient locations, hours, expertise, etc., we chose to instead capture the attention of the public with playful and educational messaging.

It’s a business tactic to stand out. Don’t just turn heads for the sake of the wow factor. Instead, direct their attention to a message that proves to them why your business or services matter in their times of need.

Extend Your Boldness to Social Media

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Standing out online is also necessary.

Social media is the perfect frontier to gain attention, build a following, and share information on your business directly. With analytics and tracking tools, you can see the immediate impact of your messages and gauge success further.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to connect an integrated campaign on and offline.

Go Beyond & Above with Video Content

Videos are eye-catching and informative — which makes them a great medium for any messaging. Watch this SFUC video to get a feel for what we mean.

Plus, you’re able to extend the life of the video with social media and digital ads.

The process of creating business marketing videos can seem daunting at first. With HS, we make it easy to get started with video production services.

Take the Next Step to Stand Out with Advertising

Whether you are launching a full-fledged campaign or reintroducing your services, the HS team is here with marketing tools, creative knowledge, and digital expertise.

Marketing and branding are core to any product or service. From your logo on up, we deliver design and messaging. Let us help you next. Contact us today.