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How to Avoid Ad Fatigue

By November 19, 2019 December 2nd, 2019 Advertising
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Social media is a part of life. And if you’re a smart business owner, it’s part of your business too. It takes the right mix of education, promotion and entertainment to use media like Facebook effectively.

Managing your social media can be time consuming. It can also become less effective over time. The same is true for Facebook advertising. Here are a few great ways to avoid ad fatigue.

Why is ad fatigue bad?

Marketers place ads with effective frequency in mind. Effective frequency is the number of times you need to see an ad before you recall that product or brand when you are ready to make a purchase or decision. Statistically, effective frequency is usually seven times. That, of course, is not 100% set in stone. Some ads you see once and immediately remember. Others… not so much. Ad frequency can be viewed like a mountain.

ad fatigue graph

At first you don’t notice the ad. Then you do. Then you remember the brand the next time you see it. Then you commit the brand to memory. Then you see it again and don’t even really read it, because you know the brand. Then you see it again and move past it because you’ve seen it already. Then, you ignore it completely because you have SEEN IT!

Ad Fatigue has set in… what does this mean?

On Facebook, among many other digital platforms, it means you are actually paying MORE for that ad. So it is important to monitor your metrics throughout the campaign, but also to review the month-over-month metrics to notice changes in how much your ad views are costing you.

How do you know if your ad is in the ad fatigue zone?

One metric to see if your ads are in the ad fatigue zone is ad frequency. Facebook recommends an ad frequency of 1.5 – 2.5 for a given audience/campaign. When you begin to exceed a frequency of 3, 4, and 5, this is when you are going to see a higher CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Basically, Facebook recognizes that people are not engaging with your ads, so you have to pay more to continue to push it out to people.

An additional metric to view is your Cost Per Result. In a campaign where the objective is landing page views, this means you need to review landing page views and cost per landing page view. If your landing page views per month stay relatively the same, but your cost per landing page view is increasing, this may be in direct response to ad fatigue.

How to overcome Ad Fatigue

1. Mix up your creative

Get creative while still promoting the same thing. When creating your ad, mix up your headlines, images and text. Make your ad appear different than it did before and you can gain some extra life.

2. Consider video ads

Sometimes mixing up your creative just isn’t enough to improve your ad’s performance. You need to mix up your format. If you’ve been running ‘static’ display ads, Facebook video ads are a great alternative. They can increase your results and help you overcome ad fatigue.

3. Change your product or service

If you’ve been consistently promoting the same thing over time, this could be part of your problem. Even if a particular product or service is selling well, it’s good to rotate your ads. Advertising something else is a great way to make sure your audience isn’t bored. And you can always return to popular items with a new creative layout.

4. Spice it up for the holidays

People are generally prepared to spend during the holidays. So use holiday-themed ads. They not only add a little bit of fun to your advertising, but they can also help move substantial product.

5. Don’t overdo the retargeting ads

Retargeting ads are popular and they should be part of your mix. But don’t overdo it. Retargeting ads go to custom audiences. That means those audiences are typically smaller. Too much frequency with that small of audience makes fatigue set in sooner.

6. Remember social advertising is just part of the mix

Early results of social advertising can be very addictive. When you merit instant returns from a small investment, there’s a temptation to believe it will always be that way. Mixing it up helps.

However, don’t rely solely on your social presence. Traditional advertising, word of mouth and good old fashioned customer service are important too. When used together, they are a very powerful combination.

Do you feel like your Facebook or other social advertising is in need of a refresh? Follow the above tips or contact a HenkinSchultz digital specialist to learn how you can avoid ad fatigue.