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The Importance of Video Content on Social Media and Websites

By September 3, 2019June 7th, 2024Digital, Video
The Importance of Video Content on Social Media

Did you know that video makes up over 60% of all internet traffic? Some estimate that number to be closer to 80% by the end of 2019.

Here are a few more fun stats. According to OptinMonster, those using video see an increase of:

  • 81% in product sales
  • 66% in lead generation
  • 54% in brand awareness

Additionally, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, according to Invodo.

Marketers spend billions of dollars on online video advertising. But you don’t have to spend that to make the most of your budget.

Video content can be an affordable part of your video mix and there are multiple ways to use it.

Inform and Educate 

We’ve hit on a few reasons why you should consider video. Let’s talk about how to make the most of it.

Video is a great tool for informing and educating. If your business or service is a little complex, video can help boil things down.

Or let’s say your product is very specific and requires some demonstration. You’ve probably heard of IKEA, but have you heard of IKEA Place? In a little under a minute, you get a crash course explainer video to see the app in action.

But video doesn’t just have to be for customers. It comes in handy for your employees, stakeholders, vendors or other affiliates. It can also be used for:

  • Remote training
  • Corporate education
  • Self promotion
  • Employee pride
  • Waiting room
  • Annual reports
  • Events and fundraisers

Entertain and Sell

One thing that’s good to remember about video marketing is that it should be entertaining.

It seems obvious. But a lot of times companies do nothing but sell. Think of the loud screaming car sale guy or the ‘everything must go’ sale.

Just because you’re not directly selling, doesn’t mean you’re not selling. Video can deliver an emotion, a feeling or a laugh. That’s worth something to your audience. It’s especially powerful if they share it.

In this example, Liberty Insurance is selling serious insurance, but they’re not taking themselves too seriously. When a person is in the market for insurance, they will likely associate good feelings about that company.

Optimizing your video

Let’s take YouTube as an example. There is a wide range of video quality hosted there. But just because lower quality footage is accepted, doesn’t mean you should settle for it.

When we discuss optimizing video, we’re talking all its features: quality, content, video SEO and making the most of how you shoot it and deliver it.

For example, a whole weekend of shooting video footage may seem excessive, but it could produce you content for weeks. Be sure to capture the before and after of that major construction project. Take full advantage of interviewing employees or customers at special events. Look for opportunities.

These are great examples of how you can take maximum advantage of a milestone. Then get the most out of your video SEO. Here’s a few suggestions of how:

  • Choose the right platform
  • Pick out a good thumbnail for your preview
  • Add a transcript of the video
  • Give thought to your title and description
  • Make sure your remaining page content is optimized for search

Video doesn’t have to be overpriced or overwhelming. But if all this seems a little overwhelming to you, you can always talk to HS. We’ve created content for most every format imaginable. Let us help you imagine powerful new ways to use video by contacting us today.