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Celebrating 28 Years in Advertising at HenkinSchultz

By September 27, 2019Events

Happy 28th Anniversary to HenkinSchultz

On September 30th, 1991, HenkinSchultz started out from a small, makeshift office space in downtown Sioux Falls. On that day, the creative minds of President & Co-Founder Kirby Schultz and Joe Henkin joined forces at their first meeting as an official advertising agency.

Over the years, Joe and Kirby consistently hired thinkers — smart, creative talent passionate about turning ideas into something that changes people.

Flashforward to 28 years later, and their shared hiring philosophy from early days continues. Our team has grown to 22 folks who love finding creative solutions for our clients.

Now let’s hear it from Kirby on his 28-year journey.

Kirby Schultz

Q&A with Kirby Schultz, HS President / Co-Founder

We sat down with Kirby Schultz to get his take on this huge milestone for our business.

Q: Handling change is a big part of running a business for 28 years. What advice would you give to business owners on how to manage change while maintaining long term growth?


“Our industry has seen immense changes in production methods. Computers are now replacing hand skills, cameras are doing the majority of the exposure knowledge, and social media has replaced traditional methods. Because of these changes competition has grown dramatically. Marketing expertise is still the qualifier for selecting a marketing partner. The one thing that will never change is the importance of content. Content is and will always be king.  Many companies know how to do production, only a few know why.”

Q: Having a competitive advantage is crucial for a successful business. How do you believe HenkinSchultz differs from other advertising agencies?


“We have always tried to control every aspect of the creative/production effort. We have done this by hiring experts and giving them the right tools and authority in each and every discipline. The combination of marketing experience and new thinking has paid many dividends to our clients.”

Q: 28 years is a huge milestone for a business—and a person! When you were 28-years-old, what were you doing and how do you believe it contributed to your success today?


“When I was 28 I was full of creative passion. A serious workaholic. As I grew as an artist and a marketer I sifted out the minutiae and began to focus on results. Not creative for the sake of creative. We are still known for the creative aspect of thinking but we are so much for than that now. Much more valuable to our business partners.”

“What I miss about about our occupation today is, there seems to be no respect between companies like before. In the past, the agencies respected each other and would honor the employees commitment to their company. We respected each others client and employee relationships. Now, it seems like it’s just a dog-eat-dog attitude. Agencies go after others agencies relationships, accounts, and employees. Media outlets ignoring years of loyalty and going to customers directly.”

“We don’t do that. I’m proud of how we have done business for the last 28 years. Maybe that’s what I should be most proud of.”

Q: What is your favorite memory from your time at HenkinSchultz?


“Thinking back on the last 28 years and all the things we have been involved with brings me a sense of pure satisfaction. Knowing we treat our clients and staff with honesty, respect and gratitude. That’s how we do business. But above all, the relationships and friendships created along the way have enriched my life way more than I deserve. I have traveled the world photographing life changing events for many clients, charities. rock stars, celebrities, athletes, sculptors, politicians, presidents, and children from around the globe. My memory bank is full of wonderful true stories of travel and friendships. I don’t take any of that for granted.”

Cheers to 28 Years with HS!

Over the last 28 years we have had the pleasure of building relationships that help us get things done, and help us help our clients make beneficial connections.

Here’s to many more years to come! We want to thank all of our clients, supporters, family, and friends for cheering us on.