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The Benefits of Having an Agency Place Your Media

By August 19, 2019November 10th, 2020Media Planning
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One part of running a successful marketing campaign is media placement.

Placing media on the best platforms distributes messages to the right audience at the right time with the right medium.

But that’s not all.

Another part of a successful marketing campaign is creating an emotional connection between consumers and the products or services you offer. Consumers won’t always connect an emotion to your brand just because you aired a television spot or launched a digital ad.

Let’s look at why advertising agencies are the pros at placing media and how media planning works overall!

Our Media Buying Expert at HenkinSchultz

Media buyers have the expertise to execute solid media plans that engage broad audiences with thoughtfully delivered messages.

As a long-running advertising agency in Sioux Falls, we combine the perfect mix of traditional and digital media. This ensures we are holding your potential customer’s hand through every micro-moment of their buying cycle.

Media Buyer Paul Thompson has over ten years of experience working with traditional media. Paul places bulk media buys throughout several industries.

“HenkinSchultz gets the best and lowest rates. We place media for many different clients. This gives us more buying power than a small to medium sized local direct client.”

Paul ThompsonMedia Buyer

Along with Paul’s experience, here are five reasons an advertising agency should place your media:

1. Advertising agencies like HenkinSchultz save you time. Placing media is time consuming, especially if you’re doing it right. We take that work off of your plate.
2. With an unbiased opinion toward which media to use, we purely do what is best for clients and implemented strategies. Local, direct reps sell for their companies and are fiscally motivated to only sell their specific type and brand of media. We do not discriminate toward one media over another.
3. We reconcile spot affidavits so all vendors followed through on what was ordered and how it was supposed to run. We then follow up and negotiate any make goods if necessary.
4. You only pay one media bill per month. Instead of receiving several different invoices from multiple media companies, you’ll just receive one monthly invoice from agencies like us.
5. We take the sales calls ourselves. Business owners get called by hundreds of direct media reps every year. Our clients simply direct them to us, so we are able to save you more time and provide less hassle.

What Happens When Someone Sees Your Ads

The time of the engagement by a consumer to your ad is known as the micro-moment. Media buyers strive to schedule and place ads to garner the most micro-moments possible.

When we place media at the perfect micro-moment of the day, that’s when the emotional connection happens. The ads communicate a solution to a potential problem the consumer is up against. This either sparks a cause for action or builds awareness on what your product or services can do to help.

In addition to meeting the needs of consumers, people may begin to connect your brand with their needs. When this happens, media buyers know their media plan is working.

A successful media plan will also follow the flow of the marketing funnel.

The Media Planning Marketing Funnel

purchase flow

The Nielsen CMO Report 2018 — Marketing Funnel

A successful media plan will place ads on the best platforms based on these tiers of the funnel:

  • Brand Building/Total Awareness
    The top tier of the funnel focuses on traditional media tactics including TV, radio and print. This is the largest audience segment. They are not yet in the market for your product or service. This space is crucial to lay the groundwork for an emotional connection to your brand.
  • Purchase Consideration
    The middle tier of the audience is a smaller segment that is considering a purchase in your category and doing research. The tactics to target this segment are a mix of traditional and digital. This includes out-of-home, connected TV, direct mail, digital display and social media.
  • Customer Acquisition/Purchase Intent
    Once the consumer is ready to make a purchase, your paid search and organic SEO strategies take over. You have already made an emotional connection with your audience and now they must easily find you.

The overall plan works well when the perfect mix between traditional and digital media is reached.

The Perfect Media Plan Mix

TV, radio, and print have the highest ad recall of any media. When an audience sees your message, they will not always act right away. If your message is crafted well, they will associate a positive feeling with your brand identify.

Digital and mobile affect purchase decisions more than any other type of media. When potential customers are researching a product or ready to make a purchase, smart digital tactics lead to sales.


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Are you in need of an expert for placing your media messages? Learn more about our media planning services and contact us to get started!

When you first successfully brand your business, you create a personal connection between your brand and audience. This connection grows awareness for your product or service, while lowering online cost for lead generation and increasing your conversion rates.

The right combination of traditional and digital media increases conversion rates by almost 20%. This is how the perfect media mix makes dollars spent on advertising work more effectively.