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Considering a Tribute Video for Your Leader or Your Event?

By May 16, 2019Video
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Making a video involves so much more than recording it. That’s why the task of producing a video can seem so daunting, not to mention expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

Maybe you wish to make a legacy or tribute video for a cherished employee or company year-in-review? Or you’re exploring something more commercial to promote your business or event? There are always options.

HenkinSchultz has produced just about every type of video imaginable. Just having experts in your corner is a big relief. Product, service or a dedication to someone special, we can help put your video together. Here are a few tips that will make the process easier and more cost effective.

Collect and Organize Your Media

Making a meaningful tribute or legacy video for an annual meeting, corporate event or internal celebration, like we did for Junior Achievement of South Dakota, does not have to be painstaking or expensive. More importantly, you don’t have to do all the legwork yourself. Let HenkinSchultz video production services help.

In one lifetime alone, we’ve witnessed how much media has changed. This is just a brief sampling of the types of media we have collected. No doubt, your company even has some of this in your archives or storage closet:

  • black and white photography
  • home movies
  • color photography
  • Polaroid
  • camcorder footage
  • digital photography and video
  • phone photos and video

That’s a lot of different formats. And while a lot of them have become close to obsolete, there’s usually a way to record history and use it to create something great. Remember, if you gather together and sort through your favorite pieces of media, the process becomes much more economical to your bottom line.

Storytelling Through Video

Think of a video as chapters in a book. What story do you wish to tell? The ups and downs of the year? Or through the years? Your retiring leader in historic roles? Inspiration? Impact? Or all of the above?

A lot of companies ask us to help them put together Christmas or celebration videos. That’s often the one time of year every employee is together. It boosts morale and is a nice thank you to employees and staff.

Video is limited only by your imagination. And HS video production services can help you explore it.

Tribute videos can be fun, make you laugh or make you cry. Check out the Rod Carlson tribute video that we produced below.

Special Tribute Video Pricing and Process

HS offers special video pricing for tribute, legacy or celebration videos. We can deliver a video of approximately 6-8 minutes in length.

The video may consist of pictures, video clips, video interview vignettes or a combination of any or all. It can be designed to incorporate most anything you can bring to the table to celebrate your loved one. Don’t let the process scare you. It basically looks like this.

1) We Meet and decide on direction, length, materials, etc.

2) We Acquire or Create the materials and assets needed

3) We Build the video to create a proof for you.

4)  We Deliver the final video in the format needed.

Upon completion, you’ll have a memory you can share in multiple ways. Play it on your computer. Plug a drive into your television. Project it at your event. Share it on YouTube or social media. Keep it forever and share it forever. It’s like a snapshot in time for your business.

When you have your own materials in-hand, organized and delivered with an idea in mind, you can expect a cost of around $400-$2,000 dollars. If you have custom needs or need HS to shoot video or create materials, you are likely in that $2,000-$4,000 range.

Many companies that digitize photo and video assets will charge you by the piece, and they just digitize it. We don’t do that. We want to make sure we edit and tell a story as unique as the people being featured. And if you have a certain budget in mind, let’s talk about options and how we can meet your budget.

Studio Space for Product and Demonstration Videos

Video doesn’t have to be for just personal use or a :30 TV spot. It is a very effective way to demonstrate a product. Use video to accurately show what it is, how it works and what it looks like in real time.

One of the benefits of having a dedicated studio space at HS is that setup is easy.

We can control sounds, lighting and space – and we don’t have the expense of traveling and transferring equipment. This not only gives you a better product, but a better price point.

Consider these simple examples of how we’ve used product videos:

It’s hard to visualize what a unique pillow looks like. It’s even harder to explain the unique material inside it. So, we demonstrated how the Beds By Design OmniPillow works and showed the material inside it.

In another video, Buche Foods promoted its new vacuum-packed meat line. The packaging and sealing process offered many benefits. The meat was fresher, lasted longer, more flavorful and less expensive.

Both Buche Foods and Beds By Design are excellent examples of how to use the medium of video to reach customers who have questions.

Products, Tributes, Legends or Whatever – Let’s Get Together

HS has always loved putting together videos. We meet great people when we do it. We get to celebrate and share their stories. Not only do we get to work with really cool people, organizations and products, it pushes our creativity and ability to tell great stories.

If you’re interested in video of any form, let’s talk. It’s more efficient and less complicated than you may think. Most importantly, it works!