Celebrating the Art of Storytelling through Event Marketing

Celebrating the Art of Storytelling through Event Marketing

By February 18, 2019 Events, Marketing
FunSeekers logo for Nashville

What does an Indiana seed company have in common with Nashville? Quite a bit actually. Like Nashville, Midwest Seed Company has always been good at storytelling.

Midwest Seed took to the streets of Nashville to celebrate with clients and host a weekend of storytellers. HenkinSchultz helped with event marketing and branding the entire ‘Funseekers’ experience.

What Exactly is Funseekers?

Funseekers is a program Midwest Seed developed years ago. You could say it’s a thank you trip for their customers and prospects, but it’s a lot more than that.

“Our Funseekers trips are really about living up to our customer focus promise,” says Marketing Director Dan Funk. “We bring in a wide range of speakers and thought leaders to stimulate conversations. With Funseekers, passionate people come together and good things happen in business and life when you do that.”

Funseekers hit up Music Row to hear some of country music’s finest storytellers. But they were also treated to stories titled “Building a Community Through Music” and “The Place I’ve Come to Call Home”. The latest news in the seed industry was discussed, but Midwest is careful to make sure Funseekers is more relationship-driven than sales driven.

The Weeks and Months Leading Up to Nashville

With a name like Funseekers, you’ve set the bar pretty high for yourself. In the weeks and months leading up to Nashville, HS was tasked with marketing the event. We challenged ourselves to create materials that were worthy of the word fun.

“Initially we discussed building Funseekers as a stand alone brand,” says HS Executive Creative Director Chad Vander Lugt. “But then it evolved. What if the Funseekers look changes every year? What if we theme it to look like the destination? And that’s exactly what we did.”

The Funseekers event materials all took on a country music theme including:

  • itinerary
  • table tents
  • shirts
  • signage
  • welcome package

Seeking Some Fun With Your Marketing?

Next years Funseekers destination is still to be determined. But one thing already is. HS will continue to work with the Indiana seed company on event marketing. If you’re seeking out a marketing firm or just seeking out some fun, contact HS today.

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