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What Has Changed, What Will Never Change

By January 23, 2019June 7th, 2024Design
good design has a marketing purpose

Design. It’s a topic that inspires a lot of healthy debate. In the advertising business, the tools of design have changed through the years. Does anyone remember a T-square or pica ruler?

Software is ever evolving and they way consumers view design has changed too. Think about the difference between a full-page magazine ad and a tiny Google display ad.

HenkinSchultz has always been obsessed with a design. And we have a diverse group of exceptional designers that bring different skills to our work. So we thought it would be a fun idea to hear, in their own words, what has changed and what hasn’t changed in the world of design.

Design on the Screen

Web Projects Manager Melissa Doyle emphasizes that design is not only off-screen. Now more than ever it’s on screen with phones, tablets, watches and voice driven devices like Alexa and Google Home.  

“A good eye for design used to be enough, but now data collection and usability testing goes into the design process,” says Doyle. “Analytics, testing and other users tracking methods are important.”

Melissa Doyle

She adds, “One thing that has not changed: designers should always be focused on how users will interact with their design, be willing to adapt and learn new skills.”

Thinking About Design

Twenty-five years ago the agency business was going through the transition from manual layout in design to computers. Tammy Larson, Graphic Designer knows. That’s when she started her career. “While we still worked manually at that time, it wasn’t long before our computers took the place of ruby-lith film, tissue paper, darkrooms separations and art boards,” says Larson.

While technology has speed up the process, it’s also created an on-demand world according to Larson. “We still need to think to produce great creative. And the time allowed to do that has changed too. While most anyone can say they are a “designer,” the difference is clever creative, content and good design. 

Creative Director Lynell Weeg agrees. “Good ideas never change…and of course, white space!”

Weeg adds designs used to be much busier years ago. Many designers were anxious to try out the latest filter or techniques to create layer upon layer.

Graphic Designer Molly Kreutzfeldt shares that opinion, having just graduated college in 2011. “I think visually just getting rid of gradients and drop shadows has changed,” says Kreutzfeldt. “It’s almost as if designers used to go overboard to show that they could. Simplicity gets my attention more than something over the top.”

“Knowing which key to press or where to click the mouse is just knowing how to design something,” says President Kirby Schultz.

“Good design has a marketing purpose. Understanding marketing principles and adhering to them is the sign of a good and valuable designer.”

Kirby Schultz

See how HenkinSchultz can become valuable to you in design and marketing, contact HS today.

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