Think. Bigger. Where Art and Strategic Thinking Meet

Think. Bigger. Where Art and Strategic Thinking Meet.

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HenkinSchultz has always worked with clients to help them make a big impression – both to their customers and their own employees. Like all businesses, we need to stop and take a look at ourselves too. Until recently, when we looked at our massive HS Sign Shop wall, we saw only gray concrete.

The Origin of Think. Bigger.

HS has tackled some pretty monumental visual displays. Still, we know we couldn’t carve Mount Rushmore in our basement. But you better believe we could print it. And that’s exactly what we did.

President Kirby Schultz summarizes our long-term agency philosophy as Think. Bigger. 

“It’s never just strategic thinking or creative arts. It’s both, but on steroids. In this case, we just looked at that interior wall and said ‘That’s not us.’ Something should be there that represents who we are and what we believe.”

So Why Mount Rushmore?

Like HS, Mount Rushmore is uniquely South Dakotan. And like Mount Rushmore, we stand for many things: big dreams, ambition, craft, expertise, making an impression, honoring history and so much more.

Yes, Mount Rushmore is large. George Washington’s face is 60 foot long, in fact. But what it represents is even more impressive: Think. Bigger. Not only has the sign installation  added a beautiful design to our work space, it has become an internal rallying cry.

No matter the client. No matter the job. No matter the challenge. No matter the market. We must Think. Bigger. That’s what it takes in any competitive market. Our clients know that and so do we.

How Think. Bigger. Applies to Work.

Before any piece of art is ever produced, a lot of thought and discussion go into it. Take the HS SignShop, for example.

The HS Sign Shop guys have never been order takers. They are not an assembly line. They are big thinkers. They are visionaries who go into an empty space with clients. They examine the current interior, look around, ask questions, discuss objectives, and begin to carve out a vision.

Just like Mount Rushmore. And just like the rest of HS. Carve out some time to talk to us about how you can think bigger too.

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