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Think. Bigger. Where Art and Strategic Thinking Meet.

HenkinSchultz has always worked with clients to help them make a big impression – both to their customers and their own employees. Like all businesses, we need to stop and take a look at ourselves too. Until recently, when we looked at our massive HS Sign Shop wall, we saw only gray concrete. The Origin of Think. Bigger. HS has tackled some pretty monumental visual displays. Still, we know we couldn’t carve Mount Rushmore in our basement. But you better believe we could print it. And that’s exactly what we did. President Kirby Schultz summarizes our long-term agency philosophy as…
December 17, 2018
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HenkinSchultz Celebrates 11th Annual Christmas Windows Lighting

As a creative company, HenkinSchultz knows one of the hardest things to do these days is get people’s attention. For the past 11 years, HS has been getting the attention of 69th and Western traffic with its elaborate Christmas windows displays. And we’re not just talking lights and garland. Making Art Out of Our Space HS debuted their window videos Tuesday evening much to the delight of passers by. This year’s video features everything from the Augustana Orchestra to crazy Christmas carolers, mysterious monsters, a car-driving dog and even a high-flying ninja. The advertising agency also set up a ‘radio’…
December 14, 2018