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Time to Plan Your 2019 Strategy

By November 19, 2018In Other News

There. We said it. 2018 was a fast one. And while there are lots of upcoming holidays to slow down for and enjoy, there’s also planning to be done for 2019.

So set aside some time for that awesome Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, but also some strategic thinking too. How were your 2018 sales to date? Any surprises good or bad? What trends did you see in your projections? What are industry partners or vendors anticipating for 2019? What marketing tactics do you need to pull the trigger on? Or cut back?

All of these questions start to paint a picture. When you’re knee deep in your business, it’s always a little hard to think about your business. HenkinSchultz is here to help, to think on your behalf – daily.

However, we’ll leave the turkey leftovers to you.