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November 2018

Time to Plan Your 2019 Strategy

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There. We said it. 2018 was a fast one. And while there are lots of upcoming holidays to slow down for and enjoy, there’s also planning to be done for 2019. So set aside some time for that awesome Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, but also some strategic thinking too. How were your 2018 sales to date? Any surprises good or bad? What trends did you see in your projections? What are industry partners or vendors anticipating for 2019? What marketing tactics do you need to pull the trigger on? Or cut back? All of these questions start to paint a picture….

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Buche Foods – When PR isn’t just valuable, it’s life changing.

By | Marketing

For 113 years, Buche Foods of Wagner has provided fresh, quality food at a fair price. The Wagner, South Dakota company has a long history of operating in Native American country and reservation communities. When the lease of Pine Ridge’s only grocery store came up for bid, they saw an opportunity to not only serve but also provide an essential lifeline for the town. The existing grocery store had a troubled history of dated food, health violations and even a shutdown, which put many lives at risk. Understanding the complexities of reservations and tribal rule, Buche Foods knew they had…

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The HS Rebrand – Why the New Look?

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In our recent blog, we launched a new video to introduce HS into our design and brand as we continue celebrating 27 years. Yes, 27 is an odd number. But then again, we’re kind of an odd bunch. Remember Hamster Stacking? HamsterStacking was actually the first introduction of the HS refresh followed by the HearSay video poking some fun at our name confusion. Kirby Schultz himself can tell you about the mail he’s received and the name scrambling has been epic. So it seemed a good time to consider just how do we refer to ourselves? And how do we show it? This new…

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hearsay video screenshot

What’s in a Name? Hear What HS Clients Have to Say.

By | Branding, Television
HenkinSchultz celebrates 27 years in business this year. That means 27 years of hamster stacking, great client interactions, and occasionally a bit of confusion about the names of our founders. We launched our recent Hamster Stacking campaign to emphasize HS into our design and brand. As we continue our promotional campaign in outdoor, digital and television, we thought it would be a great time to hear from our clients. Watch the video now and hear what HS clients have to say.
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