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Storytelling – and Why it is So Very Important

By October 29, 2018In Other News
At the annual chamber meeting, Matthew Luhn emphasized storytelling. At HenkinSchultz, it’s something we emphasize with our clients every day. Often times, marketing is very focused on the finer points of sales, discounts, and promotions. These are all necessary things. But ideally, any benefits should be wrapped in a great story. Think about it, a great story pulls you in from the beginning. You are listening actively. You become emotionally invested in the characters and what they do. What a powerful tool to bring to any form of advertising. One example this past year is Showplace Cabinetry. Showplace has beautifully designed cabinets and a reputation for fantastic customer service. HenkinSchultz knew this was part of their story, but we really aspired to make the Showplace experience part of their customer’s story too. In our ads, it wasn’t enough to simply show a great product, we needed to invite customers into the scene itself. The stunning kitchen remodel was not just hardware, it was Your “morning coffee” place. Or Your “chardonnay should be shared” place. By injecting these little snapshots of life – or chapters, we begin to tell a story that invites people in.       Yes, we’re selling cabinets, but we’re also getting customers emotionally invested in the chapters of life. Contact us if you’d like help in sharing your story.