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Inspiration & Imagination Highlight 112th Annual Sioux Falls Chamber Meeting

By October 29, 2018In Other News
The Sioux Falls Chamber celebrated their 112th annual meeting and HenkinSchultz was a part of the storytelling from start to finish. Matthew Luhn was the evening’s featured speaker, sharing insights and inspiration from over 20 years of creating stories and characters at Pixar Animation. Luhn focused on the importance of telling a great story and reminded us that stories are what people really remember.   To tee up the evening, HenkinSchultz produced the dramatic live opening to the meeting with the theme of “Inspiration & Imagination.”  The live production featured an orchestral director, choir, electric guitarist and saxophonist all set to video. HenkinSchultz began planning for this year’s chamber show almost immediately after the conclusion of last year’s show. From the original invites to the final executions, HenkinSchultz was excited to be part of the whole story.