Hamster Stacking Campaign Revealed
HenkinSchultz Creative Services

Hamster Stacking Campaign Revealed as Ad Agency Promotion, HS Celebrates 27 Years.

By October 10, 2018Campaign

You may have seen the curious billboards for Vote YES on Hamster Stacking.

HenkinSchultz set out to prove that clever messaging still gets attention and can get people talking. The campaign included a city-wide billboard campaign, digital strategy and the website hamsterstacking.com.

“Hamster stacking is one way we describe what we do, kind of like herding cats. In marketing, there are always pieces moving in every direction from traditional to digital, new technologies and new strategies. We can help manage or ‘stack’ those pieces, with great results for businesses,” says Becka Burger, Partner, Director of Client Services.

HS introduced the fictional measure IM 27 to celebrate their 27th Anniversary “It was a timely approach in a year of elections and initiated measures. Everything in marketing works together and it takes a large skill set of talent to manage campaigns from start to finish,” says Kirby Schultz, President of HenkinSchultz. “We engage customers, encourage conversations, apply new technologies and always push to turn curiosity into action.”

HS celebrates 27 years in business, helping companies ‘stack hamsters’ through creative execution, strategic thinking, expert advice, exceptional client service and digital and traditional media solutions.