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What Exactly Does ‘Full Service’ Mean, Anyway?

By September 30, 2018November 1st, 2018In Other News
Full-service is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. 27 years ago when HenkinSchultz first opened its doors, every agency in the region was racing to be known as full service. Back then, full service usually meant: We’ll create your ads, manage your account and place your media. A lot has changed since then. The digital age is in full swing. Content platforms keep evolving. Customers have more information at their finger tips. Great messaging hasn’t changed. But the way it is delivered and consumed changes every year, often every day. Ever wake up on a Monday and say, Hmmm. My email looks different today or login to Instagram and notice That’s not how I did this before?

If you can stay ahead of those things, you’re current. If you’re current, you’re already behind. And if you’re behind, you’re toast.

That’s kind of how we define full service. Yes, HenkinSchultz can handle all aspects of your business and its various design, media, digital or public relations needs. But within our four walls, we’ve really concentrated on specialization too: hiring experts who understand digital tactics, studying consumer trends and behaviors, and building teams who think on behalf of the client every day. It’s not enough to just create and then service the account. We anticipate what’s coming next. We must know the granular details that many businesses do not have time to deal with – and free up clients to concentrate on the business of doing business.